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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb


Inspiration Bomb #37: Gotye and Tash Parker (Part Two)

In this Bomb, Wally discusses navigating the music industry and, well, life really! Not only that, Wally talks passionately about exploring the origins of music. He's a thinker and we love him for it.

A very special CHRISTMAS INSPIRATION BOMB # 36: with Chrissie Swan & artist Violet Hartley

Chrissie Swan is a prolific Australian radio and television personality, who people seem to love (which is how she won that Gold Logie). You might recognise her from The Circle, or Can of Worms, or as one of the first woman in Australian history to have a number one commercial radio show?

Inspiration Bomb #35; Gotye and Tash Parker (Part One)

This special Inspiration Bomb is an absolute corker, and here's where it starts; A couple of years ago, a funny thing happened to my friend Wally from Melbourne.

Today's Lil' Pick Me Up

Meaning lies in the magic of the coincidence that you should come across work at just the right time.

~ Tavi Gevinson ~

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Straight from the horses mouth

“Earlier in the year I took the plunge and left my day job to allow more time for my creative passion, photography. I had been looking for a small business course for a while but nothing seemed to cut it, too grey, too dull and not enough champagne involved. When I saw the program for Big Hearted Business I knew it was just the ticket and I was right! The meditation sessions, healthy eating advice and creative craft breaks alongside the wonderful practical business and life advice from the guest speakers left me feeling motivated and inspired. I was so pleased to meet dozens of other creative business types just like me, all with similar stories and brimming with passion and talent. It’s such a pleasure to be part of the BHB conference and the BHB community!” – Olivia Blackburn 


Members Spotlight

J_03web-265x345 Julie Parker Life Coach Trainer, Business Coach
IMG_0751-265x345 Kelsie White Get organised, beautifully. Stationery and paper goods just for you.