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Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb


Inspiration Bomb #34; Morry Schwartz + M.I.S.O.

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B.H.B. PRAC Bomb (snippet) #1- NIKKI SMITH

Nikki Smith gives a bite-sized piece of simple, practical advice for anyone who’s ever wondered what to do when they’re not sure what to do next.


INSPIRATION BOMB #33; Imogen Banks

When it comes to TV, there’s a lotta crap out there… So it’s a rare treat when something comes along that’s good and worth watching and that actually knocks your socks off.

Today's Lil' Pick Me Up

Beauty is precious, you see, and the more beautiful something is, the more precious it is; and the more precious it is the more it hurts us that it will fade away; and the more we are hurt by beauty, the more we love the world.

~ Louis de Berni ~

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Straight from the horses mouth

“Earlier in the year I took the plunge and left my day job to allow more time for my creative passion, photography. I had been looking for a small business course for a while but nothing seemed to cut it, too grey, too dull and not enough champagne involved. When I saw the program for Big Hearted Business I knew it was just the ticket and I was right! The meditation sessions, healthy eating advice and creative craft breaks alongside the wonderful practical business and life advice from the guest speakers left me feeling motivated and inspired. I was so pleased to meet dozens of other creative business types just like me, all with similar stories and brimming with passion and talent. It’s such a pleasure to be part of the BHB conference and the BHB community!” – Olivia Blackburn 


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lionmane Bree Bullock Songbird; Maker of nice sounds; Multipassionate
IMG_4287 Bec Mutch coworking studio founder