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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Chrissie Swan & Violet Hartley

“Famous doesn’t mean anything. Kind means something.” 

Chrissie Swan, Inspiration Bomb # 36.

Welcome to this very special Chrissie Swan Christmas Inspiration Bomb, featuring the wild Christmas fervour of Melbourne artist Violet Hartley (whose scarves I am always wearing, and NO-ONE does Christmas like Voilet, as you’re about to see!)

My nickname for Chrissie is either “She Who Walketh with Bigeth Heart”, “Swan-a-nator”, or “She of Golden Logie Fame”, depending on my mood. We met on the set of The Circle some years ago, and have enjoyed each other immensely, every since.

Even those who don’t actually know her feel like they know her, which helps explain how, only this year, Chrissie became part of the first all-female duo in Australian commercial radio history to become Number One! This, despite being repeatedly told by “those who know” that a number one position was “sadly, not possible” for a woman… hmm…

Despite her great achievements, commercial radio can be a notoriously brutal old industry, and today, you’ll hear precisely why.

Although this was recorded only days after Chrissie received the shock announcement that her radio contract would not be renewed, it is full of good humour, searing honesty, and true Christmas mirth. She is an impressive human indeed.

In here you’ll hear the things that make her laugh, the things that make her sad, and what to say when your face is on a billboard and your kids want to know “Why?”

You’ll also find her sincere wishes for each one of us, and her stellar advice on how to stay big-hearted in a world that doesn’t always… reciprocate.

This, dear people, is a hugely important Inspiration Bomb for all big-hearted people to hear so please, share this with all of your friends.

Have the Best One Ever!

C.B. and the B.H.B. Crew

Today’s Credits

A very special thanks to Chrissie Swan and artist Violet Hartley

Recorded by C. Bowditch in Melbourne, Australia.
Sound editing by Marty Brown
Filmed by Georgia Madden and C.Bowditch
Edited by Clare Bowditch

Brought to you with love, by Big Hearted Business

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Chrissie Swan

Chrissie Swan is a prolific Australian radio and television personality, who people seem to love (which is how she won that Gold Logie). You might recognise her from The Circle, or Can of Worms, or as one of the first woman in Australian history to have a number one commercial radio show?  Her career started in 2003 when she gained national fame after doing something out-of-character: embarking on a random creative adventure called “going on Big Brother as a contestant”. She is currently footloose and fancy-free.


Violet Hartley

Violet Hartley is a prolific artist, designer and collector extraordinaire! You can view some of her work in her Etsy store (etsy.com/VioletHartley). Along with this beautiful creation you’re about to see in this Bomb, she has worked closely with B.H.B. to help make our UnConference showbags and provide some of her stunning scarves as giveaways. We love her to bits!

  • natharker

    sooo pretty!

  • Talina Edwards

    Another fabulous ‘bomb’… oh and couldn’t say no to purchasing one of those gorgeous scarves!!! (for a gift) x