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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

“I am sitting here with little palpitations in my heart because I get to type out these words… I just funded my little dream to record an album! Rewind 2 years ago and I had no direction, no map, no insight into how to get this happening. Enter Clare Bowditch who whipped my little singing-songwriting non-business minded self into shape. She explained the mystery of business to me in a way that finally made sense. She spoke my language, straight to my heart and I couldn’t help but listen, be inspired, and start acting.

Clare hugs you with a kind of self belief that makes you feel like you can change the world. And just when you are about to doubt you can change it, she gathers a force field around you of BHBers who are also world changing speakers from heart. It’s impossible to not be inspired by this tribe of big hearted peeps! And there is NO WAY I would be sitting here with my map and direction, money to make it happen, and a heart full of inspiration if it wasn’t for the CB boss lady and the BHB community!” – Áine Tyrell

“Clare is one of those effortlessly mesmeric communicators. Her rare blend of insight and charisma means that people cannot help but be thoroughly engaged when she speaks. It will be a rare audience member that leaves being anything other than charmed and enlightened.”– Waleed Aly

“I have worked with the inestimably gifted Clare Bowditch on a number of occasions, and witnessed her in a number of guises – hostess, emcee, troubadour, broadcaster, party planner. In each she has shone beyond expectations. She is a natural when it comes to working a crowd and I would trust her with any event. I could not recommend her more highly, and plan to vote for her repeatedly when she inevitably runs for Prime Minister of Australia.” – Marieke Hardy

“Most business coaching models rely on a blinkered belief in the success of the ‘business’ as one’s ultimate goal. Trouble is most of us see life as bigger than ‘business’. Enter Clare Bowditch with Big Hearted Business; her coaching has been a complete watershed…” – Monique diMattina (musician)

“The actual BHB conference weekend was life-changing, an 11.5 out of 10 for me. I discovered my voice, found my bliss and connected with people who can support me on my journey to do what makes me happy while I make money and save the world!” – Martine Booth 

“Earlier in the year I took the plunge and left my day job to allow more time for my creative passion, photography. I had been looking for a small business course for a while but nothing seemed to cut it, too grey, too dull and not enough champagne involved. When I saw the program for Big Hearted Business I knew it was just the ticket and I was right! The meditation sessions, healthy eating advice and creative craft breaks alongside the wonderful practical business and life advice from the guest speakers left me feeling motivated and inspired. I was so pleased to meet dozens of other creative business types just like me, all with similar stories and brimming with passion and talent. It’s such a pleasure to be part of the BHB conference and the BHB community!” – Olivia Blackburn 


“The Big Hearted Business conference gave me so much – permission to celebrate who I am and how I work, practical information about how to channel my creative energy into making actual money (yes- money!) and a truly fabulous bunch of people to stay connected with as we go about our businesses” – Jenny O’Keefe 


“I love that you knew your stuff! The business stuff, the tech stuff and the heartfelt stuff (and you did deliver it in a way that made sense!) You did it! You delivered a creative business conference where we were engaged on every level in every way! We laughed! We cried! We sang! We crafted! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” – Rene Strohmayer – Lucky owner of The Sunshine Van.

“I went to the Big Hearted Business Conference with an unfulfilled longing to create & was utterly inspired by what I found.  I didn’t have a light bulb moment, it was more like an awakening, an unfurling of long dormant dreams.  Clare & the amazing speakers spoke such truths – they had me in tears.  I came home with a new sense of myself as a functioning artist, an arsenal of tools to keep me moving, genuine support – & a plan to save the world (just a little bit…)!” – Melinda Boyd

“BHB 2013 was one of the greatest creative things I’ve done for myself, for my craft & for my way of life. I left the weekend with the knowledge, skills, networks and good feelings to move forward into my new future. I cannot rave enough about this wonderful conference. Thank you Clare, Georgia and the BHB crew for making it happen.” – Tania Mariani

“BHB has really transformed things for me. I’m finally writing and doing the things I’ve wanted to for years but not had the confidence to, and have met other like minded creative passionates. Big hugs and many thanks to all at BHB.” – Caitlin McGrath

‘I was so thrilled to be chosen as one of the scholarship winners for the Big Hearted Business Conference. Not only was the weekend filled with oh-em-gee moments listening to the talented speakers, but I also had the opportunity to meet many other inspiring ‘sensitive creative types’ on their journey to doing what they love. Being the first ‘Inspiration Bomb’ artist was an honour. Collaborating with Clare on these interviews and showcasing my chalk lettering on video opened my eyes up to new possibilities, both creatively and professionally. I’m so grateful to the BHB crew for helping me launch my new business with a bomb!’ – Carla Hackett, Foxglove Lettering (BHB Scholarship Winner and the first ‘Inspiration Bomb’ artist)

“It was an absolute privilege to be a part of the first ever BHB conference. The workshops and brilliant speakers left me feeling totally inspired and empowered to keep doing what I love and build my creative business. I cannot thank the amazing Clare Bowditch and BHB crew enough for sharing their knowledge, vision and big love.” – Prue Sheed

“I arrived at the BHB conference not sure I belonged, if i had the creativity or business plans to justify my presence. I left inspired, energised and equipped with strategies to put thoughts and ideas into action. I left with a new question – not ” do I belong?” but ” how can I help others to feel they belong?” Thank you clare and the whole BHB team! “– Catherine Devanny 

“Every time Clare Bowditch addresses an audience, a crowd or a person, she never fails to impress with her brilliance, insight, charisma, warmth and freaky ability to be in tune with people. Be it a music concert or sitting between political heavyweights on ABC’s Q and A, she is perfect on a panel, on her own or interviewing anyone, from Nanas on the street to political leaders. Her extraordinary insight and natural connection with people stays with anyone lucky enough to be in her presence.” – Catherine Deveny