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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Meredith Fannin

When I first began making Inspiration Bomb, I had one simple goal in mind: I wanted to help fill a clear educational gap and teach creative people about business in ways that make sense.

It’s this PRACTICAL knowledge that will be the underlying theme of all remaining Inspiration Bombs between now and 2014.

Today’s “Creative Hero” does this “practical teaching” like no before her.

Her name is Meredith Fannin, she’s the Director of Darkwave Consulting, and she’s a hero because how many accountants do you know who’ve dedicated their entire business to helping creative people stay in the game? Not many, huh!

Today you’ll hear her talk about her musical tastes, yes, but she’ll also take us through formal step-by-step instructions for actually starting a business (legally) in Australia, and you’ll hear her take on how best to make a long-term success of your arts practice. She’ll also give you her perspective on what it’s like to work with artists, and why they are some of the best customers an accountant could ask for.

Today’s Inspiration Bomb is lovingly accompanied by the intricate paper-cutting work of Melbourne artisan Jes Egan, from Paper Chap.

You should see her beautiful Christmas cards! Get them while they last!

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