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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Tex Perkins

“If you’re a long-termer, you will do it, no matter what.” 

Tex Perkins is a BIG name here in Australia, and you’re about to hear* why, in what we can only describe as one of the funniest, most frank Inspiration Bombs in the whole library.

Tex began his career in what he describes as the “hard-core art punk scene, when even making people pay to hear you was like ‘What?! You want to make money out of this? F**king Capitalist!”.

Left: Album cover The Best Of Tex Perkins Right: Tex Perkins In bed with “boyfriend” Tim Rogers

Thirty years later, he’s still at it, and that’s no ordinary story, as you’ll soon hear.

Today he talks about all manner of things, for example; why he once turned down $80,000 for an ad, how he’s “juggled” touring life with parenthood, what all artists have in common with the Rolling Stones, how long it takes to record an album, his most useful suggestions for marketing yourself, who he admires (and otherwise!!), why you should all move to Melbourne NOW, how to have the courage and gumption to make something out of nothing, and so so so much more.

Artwork today is from artists Jeff the Peff, who I met recently when two dear friends got married  (and if you click on his name above, and go to his site, you can actually see the pics he drew for the #lordy wedding. Can you can pick which one is me? He he!).

And now I really want to hear from you!  I have about 50 favourite quotes from this interview, but what’s yours? Let me know in the comments below, and we’ll put your favourites up on the BHB site!

Inspiration Bomb with entertainer Tex Perkins
Artwork by Jeff the Peff
Interview by Clare Bowditch
Filming and editing by Georgia Madden
Audio editing by Anthony Ackerman
Chalk Lettering by Carla Hackett

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  • Karen

    ‘ my personal journey is about having no other options.’

  • I so much agree with the great feeling and joy that come from creating something, but my absolute fave is also the success one. I made an image of it but don’t know how to upload it. It appeared for a second and now it’s gone… Any suggestions? xx

    • Defah Dattner

      Hey Giselle, so sorry I’ve only just noticed this beautiful image you made – which it seems is here. Thank you for making this we love your comments and contributions. Have you seen the Gotye Bomb? What do you think? xx