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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins is a risk-taker, a truth-teller, a truth-seeker, and a true “multi-passionate-creative-type”.

She’s also damn entertaining, as you’ll soon hear for yourself.

Today’s exclusive Inspiration Bomb features Missy’s totally generous insight, accompanied by the creative genius of uber-awesome Melbourne artist (Mr) Ghostpatrol (BAM! What a combo!)

This Bomb was recorded in November 2013 and filmed/edited in March 2014.

Dig it!

CB and the BHB Crew xo

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  • David French

    Hey Missy, that’s probably the best BHB clip Clare has put up – wonderful! It amazes me that I can pay $3.00 for a song on iTunes and play it 100 times – less than the cost of a beer for something that might stay with me for life. And what do I get for that? The music itself, insights into the artist, insights into life and society, a little space in my brain for dreaming. Its the biggest bargain ever! I am absolutely certain that we are entering a period where music and art is becoming a “real” and accepted career. Good things are going to come of that.

  • Fernanda Huguet

    Hello Missy!
    I just want to say Thank you!!! Literally, you and your músic saved my life.
    Listen to your songs makes me happy and makes me think about how i should live my life.
    Through your vocals and lyrics you have de ability to reach deep into my heart
    You are an inspiration
    Thank you so mach!

  • Laura Douglas

    Oh how I loved that! Thank you Missy! That was super super wonderful and honest and without fanfare and from the heart. And lovely. Yes, I totally get what you mean, about the creativity, if you are truly creative and original; it takes a little while for people to get you… sound advice (: Thank you (: And I’m so pleased you figured you didn’t have to ruin yourself to write an album… we look forward to many albums from you in the time ahead—that sounds much more sustainable!!!!
    My husband and I saw you in Brisbane oh many years ago with Sarina Ryder and we loved your performance. You sound refreshingly the same lovely Missy (: Well done, and thank you! I think we creatives put ourselves in a freeze frame, or a slide or something when we put something out there, and whatever state we create it in it carries that feeling with it. I enjoy your music and am so glad you’ve found a happy way to make it (: That’s wonderful (:
    Looking forward to the conference (:
    Thanks for your I.B.—very inspiring. And Clarrrrrrre… thank you so much! All so wonderful!! Very very great!
    Laura xx

  • So humble Missy! You have touched so many lives, mine included. Your song ‘Steer’ changed my life and gave me the confidence to give up on the degree and career and pursue my love of music and the project I’ve created surrounding it. However, courage has been an issue for me as I suffer from “chicken-shit-itis”. I finally got to a stage where I had planned a tour and then felt shame and embarrassed to promote myself. Part of my project is to change/develop the arts culture in Australia. I’m really looking forward to absorbing as much as I can from this conference and especially from you Missy. One of my favourite quotes from this inspiration bomb is “it enables you to walk through the world with not so much friction when you have a sounds track.”