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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Matt Davis

Musician. Composer. Man who walked to Mexico in a night. Former resident of Albury, NSW who now resides in Paris, France. These are all true descriptions of Mr Matt Davis, today’s subject of this here Creative Australians Abroad Paris-inspired “Inspiration Bomb”.

I first met Matt at the now-infamous “Punters Club” back when they let you smoke in pubs and shots of chartreuse were a good time. I was such a big fan of his (proudly) indie band Gersey that I was kinda sorta scared of him. After all, hadn’t they supported Mogwai and Pavement and Wilco? And been one of the first ever Australian bands invited to play SXSW? That’s some awe-inspiring achievements right there. That’s a band who wear some pretty big shoes.

Turns out, Matt’s super cool, and not the least bit scary. And despite the fact that he doesn’t actually believe in “Inspiration” as such, his pragmatism has led him to what many would consider “The Keys to The Kingdom”. Matt found a way to live in Paris with his beautiful family (his wife is the stunning actor/writer Jayne Tuttle), whilst making a living and building a reputation for himself as a film-composer.

In this interview (recorded after a little too much comte and red wine one night on my recent Parisian adventure), he talks of true freedom, the ongoing desire to do more, how he developed his intense work ethic, and what he learnt from Woody Allen.

Wanna know more about Matt? Find him here under the name Bombazine Black, or with his band Gersey and if you like what you hear, be sure to let him know!

Lots of love,

CB x

Accompanying artwork by the gorgeous Jess Racklyeft

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