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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Berry Liberman (Part 1)

This week I wrote randomly on our Facebook page about the privilege of experience growing pains as BHB stretches to meet demand.  It is a right-brain/left-brain trip, a sharp learning curve, and ultimately, a true thrill to have an idea that has connected as quickly and widely as this one. My vision is much much bigger than I’ve yet found a way to articulate, and I know we will get there, but right now, we’re little, we’ve grown rapidly, and we’re under-resourced (like most start-ups).

So, I’ve started reaching out to friends who are further ahead of me, who are already running “little empires of goodness”, and asking rather frank questions. One women from the well is today’s absolutely incredible Inspiration Bomber Berry Liberman (publisher and editor of Dumbo Feather, co-founder of Small Giants).

Berry Liberman is the kind of woman who, when she’s having lunch with Brene Brown, just turns around and says to me, “Why don’t you come?”, as she did this weekend. And when Berry then talks to Brene about Big Hearted Business and Brene says “I love Big Hearted Business! I’m going to feature them on my blog!”, Berry lights up with joy. She is there to celebrate, to connect, and to back you up, knowing you would do the same for her.

In short, she bloody gets it.

And yet, it wasn’t always this way. For many years, Berry says she was trapped in a rather extraordinary “red carpet dream” that, well, makes for a pretty incredible story. After inheriting a fortune at 14, she really could be shopping for diamonds and truffles right now. Instead, she’s sharing her smarts and building brilliant big-hearted-businesses and relationships and communities and things that mean something.  But why? Listen to find out.

This month’s Inspiration Bomb Artist is the beautiful Jessie Willow Tucker. If I were to describe her work in simple terms, all I would say is “Beauty x infinitum”. Thank you Jessie.

We want you comments (under the video) – we want to hear what you would like to ask Berry, and what you take from this Bomb? (Yes, there will be a random prize given!)

This is Berry Liberman, Part One.

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  • Áine Tyrrell

    Beautiful ladies! Thank you for this… both your openness on being a non-finisher Clare and your beautiful truths Berry. Both resonated deeply with me. Love that there is a community speaking about these things… communities of people searching for their truths and in the meantime mobilising to finish shit! What could the world need more? I dare say… this is the medicine to cure our ailing society!

  • Angelique De Gruchy

    I love the candid honesty in this! Thankyou! Nice way to start my Saturday 🙂

  • Susan Clarke

    OK So I confess ..I hang out for Friday inspiration bombs!

    And the issue of finishing is SO real for me and many CREATIVES …. I’ve been working on my album Love’s Way for over two years and there’s always a reason not to finish. Pleased to say the last artwork design conversation has been had and should , no make that WILL get sent to be pressed in the two weeks!

    Also thank you so much for the link to Brene Brown’s work on Vulnerability and Shame (that word nobody wants to talk about .. but everybody’s feeling) .. i’ve been doing her online course and am so grateful!

    Can’t wait to hear wait what’s coming from BHB next .


  • Inspiration Bomb Berry Liberman | Big Hearted Business

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  • Inspiration Bomb Berry Liberman | Big Hearted Business

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