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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

PRAC Bomb (snippet) – Nikki Smith

 Welcome to the first ever BHB PRAC Bomb (snippet), featuring BHB Member Nikki Smith (psychologist, musician, coach, surfing-babe, mama).

BHB PRAC Bombs are created in the same vein as the BHB Inspiration Bombs, however, they’re audio-only, and they exist to offer a snippet of practical, applicable information to BHB’s all over the known universe.

Here on the right, Nikki gives a bite-sized piece of simple, practical advice for anyone who’s ever wondered what to do when they’re not sure what to do next. She also talks about her experience of being part of the BHB Community in general.

And because she’s so big-hearted, Nikki’s also slapping on these free goodies: 

1. Jump over to www.nikkismith.net.au, subscribe to her mailing list, and she’ll send you a download of her kickstart guide to help you boost your productivity, creativity, happiness and positive influence! Get into it!

2. This beautiful poster, which Nikki commissioned from fellow BHB Member Jess Rackleyft, which you can download here.  (Talk about big-hearted!) This poster relates entirely to the advice she gives us within this PRAC Bomb snippet; perfect for offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, or screen-saver! So generous Nikki, thank you so much!

Nikki Smith PosterLowRes











OK – here’s to the start of something VERY special, people.

Big Love,

CB and the BHB Crew xo

P.S. Please – don’t forget to let us know what you think, and if you love it, to thank Nikki personally in the comments section below!

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The full-length PRAC Bomb (including Nikki’s tips on how to find your strengths, and harness the power of neuro-plasticity for positive habit-change) is housed in the BHB Members Library (free with any  BHB Membership).

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Interview by Clare Bowditch.
Audio editing by Anthony Aartman, Marty Brown, C.B.
Featuring song “I won’t let them talk to you” by C.B. and Gotye.

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Nikki Smith

Nikki is a psychologist, musician, mum and wife with two girls under 6 (and a generous  member of the BHB community from the beginning!).  Nikki is a shining example of someone who’s learnt who to balance making her living (she works just 12 hours a week), with having a life. Find out more about Nikki via her BHB Members Profile, and make sure you also visit her at www.nikkismith.net.au to get your mits on some more of her good advice.