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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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the local artist

Community Manager

I’m an artist creating a community and online market for other artists.

As an artist who has never really been a part of the ‘art world’, I always struggled to get my stuff out there. Maybe you know how it is… I don’t have any connections that can get my work into a gallery, I don’t live in an area where galleries line the streets, where artists are always at work. I’m a mum. In the suburbs. With very few ‘arty’ friends to motivate and inspire.

I tried selling on etsy. I found it frustrating because all of my enquiries came from o/s and with freight being so expensive here, it just wasn’t viable.


I drove through the mountains one day and it came to me. I was just pregnant with my second baby. I’d just sold my business. I had an epiphany.

To create a community for Australian artists to connect with each other and almost more importantly, the general public. We need a place for us arty types to work together, sell our stuff, promote what we do.

Artists, musicians and makers of things UNITE. This is the local artist.

What is it?

You can open up your own shop, one that will automatically generate freight costs via Auspost (you can also do it manually).

For service based businesses or those who work to order or custom made. Think photographers, graphic designers, florists, cake decorators.

For all performance based artists. Share videos of what you do. Tell us about upcoming gigs. Get booked for gigs. Sell your music and merch.


Yep, thelocalartist.com.au is in the last stages of development and due for launch later this year and you can use it for free when it goes out to the world. Risk free. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Check out my Facebook page to keep up to date.

Australian artists, musicians and makers of things unite.

YOU are ‘the local artist’.

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