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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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Tanja von Behrens

Artist, Craftsperson, Jeweller

I’m a Canberra born, Tassie based Contemporary Jeweller, trying to turn something I enjoy into something that also feeds me – at least a little bit :).

Thanks to The Australia Council for the Arts ‘ArtStart’ Grant funding for this financial year, I’m also now (very happily!) a Big Hearted Business Member.

I come from a very creative family, but unlike my Mum and Sister – who are fantastic painters – I can’t paint to save myself. I had to find another outlet, and I stumbled into Jewellery-making as a hobby while I was at uni in Sydney. I loved it straight away – but at the time I never imagined it might end up evolving into a micro business. It’s been a very steep learning curve – and I imagine that it probably always will be!

I love to collaborate on creative projects of all kinds – particularly with people who have skills and talents that I don’t (of which there are many!). If you’re a graphic designer, web developer, illustrator, videographer – hell, if you’re a creatively awesome human being of ANY kind who loves to work on new projects with others, please give me a yell :).

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