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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Connect with Ruth Allen:

“Hi, I have been blowing glass for more than 20 years, my profession is naturally expensive and taxing on the environment. In recent years I have found it increasingly difficult to justify my practice. I am conscious of the environmental demise of our planet so in 2012 I changed direction from creating with a furnace to working with existing manufactured bottles. I began with the easily accessible beer stubby, opening it out into the simplest of re-usable forms, the tumbler.

Currently I am focused on blowing spirit bottles and transforming them into pendant lights. Their forms are dynamic & striking, colour purposeful and seductive. It has been important and rewarding for me to take time to appreciate the ready-made, to visualise it’s potential and give discarded objects and entirely new beautiful life.

There is such wealth in re-cycling, re-using and reclaiming. I believe this is what ‘we’ as human community want. It is now time for us to live with objects that reflect our consciousness. I know that I feel great when drinking from a reclaimed ‘stubby’, it is not just a glass, it is a concept. A concept that I believe contributes to transforming the culture and conversation of our time.”

Ruth Allen’s history stems from the Canberra School of Art where she studied under Klaus Moje, Elizabeth McClure and the late Stephen Procter. Ruth graduated in 1993 and embarked upon world travels including Japan, United States and New Zealand. Throughout this time her primary focus was on developing her ideas, skills with hot glass and expressing herself with the material. Ruth attended and conducted workshops, exhibited, undertook residencies and worked consistently with ideas. In 1995 Ruth decided to reside in her birth country New Zealand and establish a hot glass studio of her own in which to work from. The studio affectionately named Gloria, dissolved in early 2000 enabling Ruth to return to Australia and resume a more artistic practice. Ruth completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at Monash University in 2006 with an extensive exhibition and research dissertation of her unique work she titles the Synergetic Series. In 2007 Ruth won the inaugural Toyota Travel Award and once again embarked upon world travels through America, Europe and Asia, conducting workshops, delivering presentations and executing a solo exhibition in New York City. Ruth currently works and resides in her newly established studio in Melbourne, where she now works with reclaimed manufactured bottles.

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