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Lille Skat

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Lille Skat means ‘Little Treasure’ in Danish. It’s a collection of limited edition, one off and customised products, designed, created or curated by Lille Skat.

Where did the name ‘Lille Skat” come from?

1) My dad’s pet name for me as a child. was ‘Treasure’

2) Whilst living in Europe, I gained a gorgeous Danish best friend, who made me a Godmother to her beautiful daughter, Emma, my ‘little treasure’.

At the end of year 12, I had to make a choice between graphic design and fashion design. I chose graphic design.

After finishing university, my first ‘grown-up’ job was as a graphic designer at an Australian owned apparel company. I got to combine my love of graphic deign with textiles and product (point-of-sale, range books, gift with purchase, etc).

Fast forward a decade, spending years working for big corporations and manufacturing products in the Far East, I’ve gone back to basics and started creating products locally.

I use the best materials I can find like cotton, linen, leather, wool and cashmere. I try to source from local suppliers, and collect unique pieces from my various adventures in Australia and abroad like vintage French grain sacks, vintage table linen and designer fabrics.

I hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoy designing, collecting and making them.

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