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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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“While on Yoga Retreat I had an incredible, spontaneous session with RIcci-Jane. I lay still as she worked her magic and felt huge energetic shifts move through my whole body. It felt as though time had stopped and I was suspended in light, I had no thoughts, just the sense of expansion. She gently & skilfully brought me back and explained a profoundly intimate conversation she had with my guides. I was blown away by the accuracy of the messages and deeply grateful for the experience. Thank you!” Jessie Neave, Yoga and Wellness Ambassador, Big Hearted Business

Lightworker Institute provides training, coaching and education for those seeking a more fulfilled, enlightened and self-aware existence, and a deeper holistic understanding of the world and our purpose in it. We offer training courses, certification and guidance to people searching for a way to bring healing and tranquillity to the world, effect positive change and promote harmony and kindness.


The term ‘Lightworker’ was originally used to describe any person performing humanitarian or healing spiritual work. It is not associated with any one religion or ideology.

Today, practicing Lightworkers use intuitive readings, energy healing and spiritual coaching to help others achieve luminosity, contentment and clarity of purpose. Every person has the potential to become a practicing Lightworker by awakening and expanding their capacity for self-awareness and empathy and learning to be truly present and conscious in the world.

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is a qualified Transpersonal Counselor, Reiki Master and channel healer and an experienced facilitator of psychic skill development. She is a devotee of yoga, meditation and clean eating. Born to a great spiritual teacher and blessed with a deep love of learning, Ricci-Jane found a way to explore her spirituality in an academic context and completed a PhD in Magical Realism at the University of Melbourne. Here Ricci-Jane learned to complement academia with spirituality and now works to help others bridge the earthly and the divine in everyday life. Ricci-Jane is also an award-winning writer and spiritual writing teacher.

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