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Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Connect with Lauree Inez:

I am a singer, guitarist & songwriter, nurse and creative.

Singing warms my soul and makes my insides smile. I love weaving stories through music and connecting with people in that special plane that music takes both the player and listener to.

As a nurse, I have experienced and journeyed with people through many emotions and experiences and I share my own and the stories of others through my songwriting.

After travelling and living overseas I decided to pursue my musical passion further and while studying music at Canberra Institute of Technology I met my musical and love partner, George Pass, who plays piano and guitar majestically and always encourages and keeps me brave.
We play as an acoustic duo locally around Canberra and with our best friends in our band Ivory Lights.

We had the absolute pleasure of playing with Clare Bowditch (as Ivory Cocoa) for her 2013 Winter Secrets Tour in Dee Why, my most surreal experience to date. Clare is such a warm and inspiring human goddess from which I continually draw immense confidence and faith to keep a big heart live my passion.

Growth as an artist is so important and I find collaborating with many people through my singing both challenging and rewarding but most importantly expands my creative experience and place in the world.

I write, sing and play guitar & keys in my latest musical offering Ivory Lights.
Here’s a bit about us…

Ivory Lights cook up a magical dessert of delicious candy ropes of intricate vocal harmonies coated with tasty musical sugar.
Like a tasty, towering croquembouche, the musical profiteroles provide a solid creative foundation for the toffee vocal melodies to lay perfectly strewn across the surface.

Specialising in original folk-rock music, the Canberra-based 5-piece also create fascinating cover arrangements of their favourite popular songs. The acoustic guitar and piano based songs driven by bass and drums, create a divine musical foundation for the two female vocalists to weave their stories through. Each taking turn in singing lead while the other laces celestial harmonies, their voices melding together like sirens of the sea.

Be transported to view a rose-tinted world, from the bottom of a red wine glass, as Ivory Lights takes you on a whimsical journey through the toils and wonders of love, loss and all that is life.

We are currently recording and aim to release an EP of original songs in 2015.

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