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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Connect with Kelsie White:

After a very long time trying to find the perfect stationery, we decided to create it. K Gets Organised is a system – you can use a single product or the full range interchangeably as all products work together to help you chase down your dreams. Each piece is carefully thought through with strong attention to detail – from the hand painted and designed borders to the use of boxes instead of lines on the meal planner to allow you visual lovers to draw your meals instead of list them. It’s bright, clean and colourful designs will keep you interested in ticking those tasks off the to do list and our stationery makes a perfectly beautiful desk accessory.

My name is Kelsie and I am a 22 year old stationery designer and to-do list addict from Perth, WA. I strongly believe in the culture of small business and in supporting creatives based in Perth. I enjoy planning and running events, exploring Perth’s growing cultural/art/market scene and spending Sunday nights decorating my apartment and planning the week ahead. I strongly believes in giving back to my community, social enterprises and supporting/buying local. You can contact me at kgetsorganised@gmail.com!

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