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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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Karen Comer

Author, Editor

I am a writer and editor – ready to polish your words and communicate your message.

Stories are my passion. I read them, write them, tell them to my children, share them with my friends.
Stories shine a light on our truth and reflect our life back to ourselves.
Stories are important.

That’s why we need to communicate them well.
Our words in our websites, books, workshops, ebooks, handouts, newsletters, blogs, songs and brochures need to carry forth our message. With clarity. With passion. With authenticity.

I hold postgraduate qualifications in editing and publishing. I have worked at John Wiley and Sons, and now work as a freelance editor. I am currently the BIG Kids Magazine copy editor. I have edited and proofread children’s non-fiction titles, educational books, business books, websites and newsletters.

I am also writing a children’s novel and a collection of short stories for adults.

“Karen has been our copy editor since we published our very first issue in 2011. She has cast her eagle eye over all SIX editions of BIG Kids Magazine and each time worked within the often chaotic and non linear time-frames of each one. With content and curation of each edition gathered from vast edges of the creative worlds, Karen has managed to adapt to multiple voices and themes while maintaining the vital consistency and detail demanded. Karen double checks references, links, spelling, grammar, layout and is our go-to person to get something to make sense! She brings her own point of interest to any topic without ever taking over and is just SO lovely to work with. Most brilliantly she understands the creative process of working with artists (and mothers) under pressure while not compromising on editorial standards. She subscribes to a shared philosophy of making the impossible possible. We feel absolutely blessed to have her on our team and cannot recommend her highly enough as an editor for any kind of print or online content.” Lilly Blue and Jo Pollitt, BIG Kids Magazine

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