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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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Hey…I like using my music to do nice things for the world…I love collaboration, and have successfully used a hairdresser in a performance, and played lead guitar in a circus…I’ll try anything once!!!

Hi there BHB folks!

I’m a musician that lives on the Gold Coast. I moved here almost 10 years ago from the gorgeous beaches and people of Esperance WA, chasing the dream of well…more waves.

I work as a medical scientist, but after years and years of trying to squash my creativity under a giant rock, I decided a few years ago have a bit more of a sustained crack at it.

My origins lie in classical guitar, and my music tends to touch on those complexities and intricacies. Weaving melodies, harmonies and fluid chord progressions are what it’s all about for me. I mainly fingerpick my guitar (not my nose), but can also do the percussive, finger tapping styles popularised by artists such as Maneli Jamal and Andy McKee, but I can use a pick and solo out if I must…and sometimes I just gotta shred the fingerboard you know?

I like my music to have a purpose above the superficial norm of one getting jiggy with one 🙂

For example, I wrote a song about my experience with depression and how it’s important to not throw things away when you’re unwell, and to keep doing things and being with people etc. My mum is a mental health facilitator and has used the lil clip I made in her workshops. She has also given away my CD to clients, as I touch on a lot of mental health themes. In fact it’s mental health reasons that my mum and I are both doing what we are doing now, as we both want to help the cause, in our own way.

The link is here

So what can I do for you?

I play guitar pretty darn good actually, so if you need any fancy guitar work done, let me know…I’ll pick it up quick. e.g.

I also sing, write a heap of songs as well as composing the odd instrumental. I can also play drums, violin, banjo, mandolin, piano and bass…though not to the level of my chosen one (guitar).

I have worked with arranging covers and originals for clients of my music recording person of radness…Andi Gallaher. So yes…piano and banjo go great together for chim chiminee. I have also arranged covers for myself, transposing, jazzifying and or tenderising songs here and there, or adding some other twist.

I have worked in a circus as a lead guitarist, employed to add some drama to the Wheel of Death act. I also composed the music for the blindfold part of the act, and found a heap of music for certain acts in the show. I have also performed a song live for an acro/adage act.

Recently I did a show for shave for a cure, where I performed songs while getting my hair progressively cut shorter (as I write this I am feeling the wind through the window on my naked scalp and it’s awesome)…the link is:


I love a humanitarian, environmental big hearted cause, and I love creative collaboration. If you need a song writer, an instrumentalist, a harmoniser, musical arranger, or someone to help you out with choosing music for this or that, or a rock climbing partner…I can assist.

As a medical scientist, I can also help you out with those funny letters on your request form and let you know if you have to fast or not 🙂

So send me an email and lets have a chat about creative awesomeness. I am very keen to connect with a whole bunch of people through the BHB site 🙂

Take care peeps


Jemma Lee

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