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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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We are a Melbourne based company and our aim is simple: To make gorgeous affordable candles, soaps and body products that will be used not “land filled”. You will be getting lovely products made from quality natural ingredients, you won’t be getting excess packaging or tricky marketing. That doesn’t mean the product doesn’t look good, in fact everyone in my street said “the product looks great”! and they know stuff – so that’s proof.

Our packaging is minimal, recyclable, recycled and where possible made in Australia. Recycling is clearly much better than not, but we think reducing what we use in the first place and reusing what we do buy is better again, so reduce what you use and where possible reuse not recycle. To that end we only use glassware and encourage you to return it if you can’t reuse . We will clean it and give it a second (or third) life and send it off to someone else , so potentially your glassware might already have been used in Mick Jagger’s house. (OK Mick Jagger hasn’t actually bought anything yet…but he could)

In short what we can do, is give you quality products that consider the earth as well as your pocket .What we can’t do is make cellulite disappear or change your life…just to be clear, we definitely CANNOT do this.

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