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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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College of Event Management

Educator/Teacher, Event Planner

We are a small, boutique college with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne that provide specifically focussed event management training for those that wish to work in this ever growing and exciting industry.

Nice things about us:

We are a small, personal organisation who cares about the progress and success of our students / Students are taught by practising and experienced event managers / Our courses are ALL about event management rather than just a bit on the side / Course content is skills based, up to date and highly relevant to industry practice / Active industry engagement program that exposes students to a variety of industry contact.

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Lyndal Gubbels Creative Director / Floral Designer / Owner
Rose Wintergreen Singer-songwriter & artist coach at Launch Bubble
Amy Joy Barber Gentle yoga and relaxation, Mala beads and more...
Tiffany Dryburgh Photographic Artist
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