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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?


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Creating my amazing life one tiny moment at a time. Building a hot little marketing biz on the side.

Who would have guessed that the young girl who dreamt of becoming a graphic designer and owning her own business, working from home, would finally arrive here – working at home, as a marketing consultant and graphic designer, in her own business?

On the way, I’ve done the big corporate thing, the small business thing, my own thing.

I’ve picked up more skills than I ever thought were possible… everything from corporate strategic marketing, to how to set up a Facebook page. Sales and promotions, account service, cause marketing, new product development, markets, trade shows, party plan, event management, all manner of graphic design projects, website development, corporate communications, press releases, magazine articles, advertising copy, photography, photo retouching, print production, flower arranging (seriously!)… I’ve done it all.

I’m like a one-stop marketing shop!

And that’s not all… in my spare time I write a blog called Tiny Moments. It’s about life, parenting and slowing down to enjoy the little things that make life worthwhile. I’ve also recently started a new project called Kid Spark, to encourage us as parents, teachers and communities to nurture the special gifts that each child brings to the world. It’s exciting, scary and hopefully the start of something big.

Welcome to my amazing life!

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