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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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Betsy Hanson


Hi I am Betsy and I love creating community and connection through singing groups, workshops and teaching!

Well lets see now… over the course of my working life I have done a few different things, waitressing, selling cameras, wedding photographer, weeding cotton fields, working in a bookshop (in Byron Bay – so good!) Youth Worker, Massage Therapist, teaching guitar and keyboard, gigs, medical receptionist, Admin at a Screen Acting School, Virgin Australia Ground Crew and AMCO (whats that you ask? Aircraft Movements Coordinator cool hey! I told the flight crew where to park the plane and organised the refuelling, and that kind of stuff) a brief but promising career as a dancer for Clare Bowditch’s Winter Secrets Tour 2014 (and by brief I mean 4 minutes and by tour I mean Hobart) in amongst all this I have led choirs and corporate/community workshops for the last 15 years which I love!! I am now “day-job” free and focus my time on running my fabulous Women’s choir Nourish in Hobart, Find your Voice community choir and the Lennox Songbirds in Lennox Head every 2 months! I am also in a funky Bollywood/fusion band with an amazing Pakistani singer/harmonium player, an Indian Tabla player, double bass, violin and me on guitar/keys/singing. FUN!! I am also privileged to be working in 3 schools running a music/singing program for young people either at risk or not fitting into “traditional” school structures. This is incredibly rewarding work and am really excited about how the work is developing! Loving my creative life and love creating connection and community through singing and music.

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