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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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Beth Hackett

Coach, Life Coach, Well-being

Beth is a fantastic motivator! She knows that we all start journeys for many different reasons and we stay on those paths when the momentum takes hold. When our bodies and minds are in good shape, there’s no stopping us.

Beth’s passion for heath and wellbeing stems from her personal goals – big steps to put herself out there, show the world what she has to offer and accept what the world can bring into her life. In addition, Beth has studied theory of body movement and nutrition, with practice in various fitness arenas. She can develop group and individual programs and her approach is to activate immediate changes, however big or small, to get you feeling and doing better in life.

Her programs work because there’s a driving mix of small daily challenges, often shared with others but always focused on you. Whether it be a fitness goal or a new dietary habit, a moment in meditation or learning different ways of thinking. The key is consistency and variety. Trying something new is a powerful, rewarding thing! Beth’s strength is her blend of experience, openness and persistent guidance, supporting you the whole way.

Qualified Personal Trainer, health and wellbeing coach.

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