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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

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Ann Bolch

Coach, Copywriter, Editor

Have you got a story to tell?

We help people with big ideas to get their stories outta their heads and onto the page. It might be a blog post, website, book, speech, brochure, or an undefinable task that involves you and words.

Our breadth of experience allows us to help you in one or a combination of ways:

1). Writing from scratch

2). Editing and shaping the words you provide

3). Coaching you to improve your own way with words.

We’ll listen to your needs and, together, come up with the best way to communicate your unique ideas to the world.

Our methods are flexible, effective and fun. Plenty of people say so. See our testimonials: http://astorytotell.com.au/the-story-around-town/

Ann Bolch was born and raised in Tasmania and moved to Victoria in 1990 to study Outdoor Education. Her first decade of her adult life was spent chasing after kids on the rock faces, rivers and bush tracks of this wide brown (and in some places quite green) land. In her late 20s, she got sick and it took a while to recover.

As part of the recovery she rediscovered an early love of writing and words, studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT, established herself as a writer, then editor, and now combines these with her passion for education to coach people to bring forth their best ideas.

She loves it!

A story to tell is going so well that Ann has brought nother dynamic writer, editor, coachy-types into the business – Richard Holt and Di Websdale-Morrissey.

Get in touch – we’d love to hear what you’ve got cooking.

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