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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Connect with Amy Joy Barber:

AMY: I am inspired by yoga and inspired by life. I have practised yoga for over 15 years and my love for it grows deeper each year.

I have been told my compassion, creativity and enthusiasm are infectious. I have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for the health and wellbeing of others.

After years working long hours in the creative arts/ entertainment industry as a costume / puppet/ set maker/ designer a severe case of ‘RSI’ sent me in search of a career sea change. Yoga teaching called me loudly! Yoga not only gave me a new direction in life but it helped ease the pain and anxiety of my condition.

In my experience, yoga has helped me to be the best version of myself possible. I love teaching yoga and consider it an honour to share the beauty of it with you. It is always my intention to help you feel nurtured, inspired and empowered so you too can be the best version of yourself possible.

As well as being a yoga teacher, I also love to consciously create beautiful things with your well being in mind. With a lot of the love in my heart oozing through I create Mala beads, candles and yoga – inspired products for you to enjoy.

I am so grateful to be able to blend all my passions together – yoga, meditation, design, creativity, community and helping others feel better.

YOGA & RELAXATION: I believe the fast pace of the modern world makes us experts at going hard and fast – we force against nature to push ourselves in an unhealthy way.

As a counter balance to this, our classes are gentle and flowing in nature. In class, expect to move slowly with ease, to breathe with awareness and to relax deeply. Gently allowing your mind, body and heart to come back into a natural healthy balance.

I design our classes so they may be enjoyed by all ages & fitness levels. With an emphasis on nurturing your nervous system to help you feel more calm, releasing tension to help you feel more relaxed all the while improving your flexibility, core strength, breathing and postural habits.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 13 students for your comfort and safety.

Classes are held at the gorgeous, light filled Natural Pathways studio with beautiful views of the Dandenongs for added inspiration!

I draw inspiration from my personal experience and professional training in Dru yoga, Dru meditation, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Thai yoga massage, Rainbow kids yoga, HypnoBirthing, Reiki, Emotional freedom technique plus more.

In our fast modern life we often don’t give ourselves permission to just be, breathe, feel and enjoy the moment yet doing so in a yoga class can bring about such comfort and clarity. I aim to give you this space – so that you can bounce forward with a heightened sense of positivity and wellbeing.

INSPIRED BY YOGA: I have always envisioned ‘Inspired by yoga’ as a community. I intend to nurture a sense of community in our classes and online via our Facebook/ Instagram page. I believe we are here to help each other we are one, we are not separate. I am inspired to collaborate rather than compete…

If coming along to a class or workshop doesn’t suit you please feel welcome to join our online community instead.

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