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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Connect with Alex Falkiner // Alfalky Workshops:

Alex Falkiner // Alfalky Workshops

Artist, Craftsperson, Educator/Teacher, Workshops and Retreats

Creating art objects and leading workshops – relieving the pressure, upping the delight, bringing back play, letting it unfurl…

Alex is an exhibiting artist, skilled maker and workshop leader specialising in making art more playful, creativity more honest and liberating people from perfectionism.

Alex is a lifelong fan of the wonder that comes from transforming actual stuff with your bare hands. She is convinced that making things is good for us, she knows It grounds us and reminds us to respect it accordingly. She is an advocate for widening our perception of what creative practice might look like and what it can do to make our lives sweeter. She also swears by incremental making – tiny actions for getting stuff started, moving along and done.

She is currently nomadic and sustains an art practice which takes place in her tupperware-container-studio, on people’s dining tables and on public transport. She loves sharing her insights into portable art practice and helping people integrate being creative with however they live their life.

In January 2012 she was awarded a scholarship to study textile traditions in Gujarat, India. This month spent travelling, meeting artisans, participating in workshops and immersion in chaos and colour has made a lasting and colourful impact on her work.

Since the birth of her workshop business in April last year – Alex has authored and led workshops to over 450 attendees for Australian Art and Design Leaders: Bundanon Trust, Koskela, Contempo AGNSW and Object Gallery; and internationally for Kinfolk and Etsy. Alex holds a Bachelor of Fine arts (Textiles and Education) from COFA in Sydney and has over a decade of professional experience making stuff with her hands from costumes to patterns to art objects.

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