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Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Connect with Aine Tyrrell:

I am an Irish singer-songwriter that somehow magically ended up landing on the Surf Coast outside of Melbourne. I spend my days singing, surfing, hanging with my 3 smallies, writing songs, drinking green smoothies, and soaking in every bit of life that I can. Spreading some love in this crazy world with my stories and song is my honour. It’s my little positive contribution to our world and I use my little powers to shine as much love as I can!
“So shines a good deed in a weary world”- Shakespeare

Áine Tyrrell’s lyrical songs smell of the saltiness of her home in the West Coast of Ireland. She grew up sitting amongst Irish traditional music royalty learning early the craft of storytelling through song from her father. Her travels have been as extensive as her influences and her infectious melodies have won her loyal fan bases in several pockets of the globe. She is quickly establishing herself as an artist to watch on the Australian music scene with her live performances full of honesty and passion for her music, and her ability to connect and interact with her audience. National Celtic Festival Director, Una McLinden said, “Áine connects deeply with her music and offers audiences an experience of personal journey that is both emotionally stirring and uplifting.” Áine’s contagious energy has some of Australia’s finest artists popping up on stage with her from Sarah Carroll to Peter Daffy, and Ewen Baker. Áine sang with Clare Bowditch on her Winter Secret’s Tour. Whether solo or with her band, the Rambling Palymra’s you can be sure that she will leave you with toe-tapping tunes, wild stories, and feeling inspired anew.

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