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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Em Clohesy

I am a creative. I need to create to keep my soul happy. But with a young family- I was struggling to find the time. So I decided to find a way I could play and create that fitted in with my young family.
Playdough was the answer. So I had a little idea- of encouraging calm creative play. So in late 2014 I launched Happy Hands Happy Heart.

I create a range of all natural scented playdoughs, created using a combinations of fruits/ vegetables/ herbs and spices. The combination of scents and natural hues, combined with the super smooth soft texture of our playdough, creates a perfect medium for little ones to to explore and create. Our ‘flavours’ have been created to enhance the feeling of calm and well being.

Calm Creative Play, In a Natural Way.

Based in Bendigo, Victoria, our little business is run with my 3 business partners/ quality control officers- Matilda age 7, Tasman age 5 and George age 2.

I love what I do, I hope you do too.