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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Kelly Rae Roberts

One day whilst in Portland, Oregon, US of A, I got really badly home-sick.

To ease the pain, I took myself and my knitting* off to the premiere of Jen Lee’s DIY-made movie, Indie Kindred” 

Indie Kindred is a documentary about creative-friendship, collaboration, and many of the things that “underpin the beast” here at BHB Central.

It’s no surprise then that while at the screening, I met some brilliant people who I’ve gone on to begin creative-friendships and creative-collaborations with.

One such compadre is a woman I have long admired (it was actually Brene Brown who put me on to her), and her name is Kelly Rae Roberts; “artist, author, possibilitarian”.  (I now use the term “Possibilitarian” ALL THE TIME).

Kelly Rae is not only an exceptionally talented visual artist and author, she also runs a seriously successful international business. Just to put that in perspective, she licensed around $14,000,000 (yes, 14 million) of her art in the first three years of her business.

I adore this girl, and all that she stands her.

Here’s to new friends.

And to PRIZES! Comment underneath about “the line that stuck with me” from Kelly Rae’s IV, and you go in the running to win a “Random Creative Prize”!

Thank you Amy Constable from Letterpress  for being our Inspiration Bomb artist this month: it’s been amazing and I LOVE the business she’s creating. Make sure to let her know you saw what she did!

CB and the BHB Crew xo

*This is the first time I have knitted in a decade. I took it up to try and chill out my left brain and just “be”. It worked! My scarf looks like crap, but WHO CARES! Try it.

PS – My mate Annika Gluc is launching her new movie Bunny, and is offering one person an incredible chance to find and keep a $5000 gold bunny. You gotta see this!

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