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Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Mirko Cugura

Inspiration Bomb Mirko Cugura (Financial Planning dude)

One day, after many years making my living as a musician, I realised I didn’t have life insurance. Or superannuation. Or a will. Or a separate bank account for my business.

These were not things I wanted to talk about, for fear of dying (of boredom).

However, enough was enough. I’m a grown up. I was clearly going to do this “creative thing” for life. The day of reckoning had come.

In stepped Mirko, the financial planner recommended by my accountant.

Mirko is ace, but we are two people whose worlds would not normally collide. He says his creative brain must be up in a jar on a shelf somewhere, which I don’t believe. And I don’t get that excited about numbers, except when I have to. Anyway, he’s here to give you his low-down on some of the stuff he believes artists need to know when it comes to managing money. Our assistant Georgia’s comment on this Bomb was: “What he said was way more interesting than I thought it would be”. She’s right; what he said is kind’ve funny and a little bit moving, actually.

Mirko’s organisation is called Innate Wealth (which he refers to as their “funky new name”) and they advise on around $500 million of assets. Yup. Today, he’s gonna share a few of his opinions with you. You can agree or disagree. The point is simply to prompt you to begin thinking about your business in ways that make sense, and help set you up in the long term.

He also tells us “How not to go to jail”, which is always handy to know.

To sweeten up the deal, please enjoy today’s Inspiration Bomb artist; Jes Egan of Paper Chap.

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  • Lorraine Watson

    Thanks Mirko; down to earth and interesting advice. Love Jes’s artwork.

    • Clare Bowditch

      Legends, the both of them. x

  • Christina

    Inspiring food for thought!

    • Clare Bowditch

      Thanks Christina x

  • Libby

    What a winner Mirko, thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom. Certainly helps put things in perspective, and reinforces the idea that it’s not what you do….. it’s the way that you do it. Much appreciated.

    • Clare Bowditch

      Agreed! xo

  • Emma Remond

    Finally got around to watching this and it was well worth it as always! Love how Mirko encouraged us to outsource those things that we don’t have the knowledge/expertise/skill base to do ourselves. It sounds obvious, but I can always use a friendly reminder that I don’t have to do/be good at everything! Thanks BHB x

  • Tamara Marwood

    totally brilliant – so worth while – looking forward to your content of 2014

  • Gen Byrt

    I dont know how I missed this one! I have just started up a creative business, and it was such a relief to find out that I was on track with the ‘business’ side of things! Thanks for such a useful and interesting inspiration bomb! x

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