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Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Lisa Mitchell

When singer/song-writer Lisa Mitchell was 16, she had the mixed-blessing of becoming a finalist on a highly competitive reality television show that requires talented young people to sign potential-record-contracts before they’ve even walked into the arena.

Let’s be honest: that “career model” works really well for some… and not so well for others.

So when my niece told me that Lisa had name checked me as a “role-model” (on this show I didn’t watch), I felt compelled to write her a letter. I just wanted to remind her (as someone once reminded me when I was 16) that our value as artists is not determined by “votes” or “judges” or “popularity”. I wanted to remind her that although she’s clearly talented, it’s up to her what she does with that talent, and she can take her time deciding.

She wrote back, and from there we became firm friends, which brings us to here and now.

Lisa Mitchell is today’s Inspiration Bomb artist.

In this Bomb, Lisa tells it like it is, swears a little, and allows herself to be utterly and absolutely vulnerable, which is a damn hard thing to do, especially when you’ve gone through the whole “People who I don’t know, knowing me” thing. Bloody bravo. Respect. She also talks about God, and money. Yep – we go there!

I want to hear what YOU take from today’s Bomb.

Lisa’s wise words are accompanied by our final instalment from Inspiration Bomb Artist Mel of “Cecilia Fox”. Get into it.

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  • Indy Hilditch

    Says PRIVATE VIDEO… 🙁 I wanna be part of the cool club. 😉 x

    • Clare Bowditch

      You are already! First in = coolest!

      • Indy Hilditch

        Whoop! Keen as mustard. Love your Inspo Bombs!! 🙂 x

  • Steph

    Hmmm…I’m getting a “This video is private message” 🙁

    • Clare Bowditch

      Give me a minnie moo – on it!

  • Pip Lincolne

    Hello Clare! Hello Georgia! Hello Lisa! Hello EVERYBODY!

    • Lisa Mitchell

      Hello pip! Xx

      • Pip Lincolne

        Hello! Let’s catch up someday soon! 🙂

  • Clare Bowditch


  • natharker

    All fixed guys – whoopsie

    • Pip Lincolne

      Hello Nat! 🙂

      • natharker

        hello PIP…oooh isn’t this new comment thing exciting

        • Pip Lincolne

          I am TOTES into it! THREADED man, THREADED!

  • Indy Hilditch

    What did I take from this? Being a florist is a LOT more fiddly than I expected. 🙂 Pretty flowers. Pretty voice. 🙂 Nice combo. x

    • Clare Bowditch

      I know, right?

  • Sonja

    I’m so excited I just wee’d a smidge! 😉
    Lisa + flowers = perfection!
    Thanks Clare. x

    • Lisa Mitchell

      : ) xo

  • prueofservice

    such a lovely ritual for a Friday afternoon!!

  • natharker

    What did i take from this? So nice to hear from someone young who is OK with changing/adjusting your dream, what makes you happy without feeling like a failure. I’m not sure if that is exactly what she said, but its what I took from it.

    • Nicole Brownlee

      Yes, Nat, this is what I heard too!

  • Bron

    Be in touch with your vein of gold, remember the things you love, they are deep and important. Live your purpose and it will pay off. Keep on giving.
    I love what I do. Even when it’s hard to keep going this love gives back and nourishes me. It keeps me going when the money can’t. Sometimes accepting the ebbs and flows mean knowing you might give and give and give and that the blessings might be a while coming. Lisa is so right – if you love what you do and live your purpose it does. “Money is just trade…”

    • Lisa Mitchell

      I agree Bron, I love it when you’re in alignment and the flow sweeps you along like crazy! X

  • Nicole Brownlee

    Oh, I love this!

    Aside from the fact that it gave me the opportunity to take time out from my kids with a glass of white wine after a manic week (and…breathe….), I was also inspired by Lisa’s ability to reflect on her career with enthusiasm and optimism. Lisa, I agree, “trusting in your own creative process” is the only way to be.
    I also realised that I need more flowers in my house and in my hair! xxx

  • Kaitlyn Plyley

    Beautiful! It was deeply relaxing to watch the deft way Cecilia turned those piles of flowers into a piece of art … It was quite meditative. And Lisa’s voice definitely lends itself to meditation, so soft and soothing. I loved her message of finding your own path. I also believe that when you’re doing what you love, you get what you need. Thanks for this gorgeous Inspiration Bomb! Just what I need while chilling on a warm spring afternoon. Xx

  • Hayley Lau

    Oh, I love Lisa’s realness, her transparency, her in-touchness with something greater than her. And I love that she is spending time gardening right now because that’s what she feels and loves to do!
    This was soul food.

  • Heather Cassidy

    Your path doesn’t look like anyone else’s – thats such a beautiful and empowering statement. This is a thing I’ve been working to accept and go on from for years. All those little moments of doubt when someone implies that such-and-such is not the way its done. I feel like we are all showing them.

  • Jamie Lea

    What a humble soul… A unique human in this crazy musical world.
    Cecilia you always make such lovely and interesting pieces out of nothing! Zx

  • Claire Weller

    Your path is your own and it doesn’t look like anyone else’s – a nice reminder

  • Carm Hogan

    Just received two major rejections in the last 15 minutes, really put myself out there and “whump” we don’t want you ! No hard feelings !. Sitting with the discomfort I pressed play and then Lisa Mitchell’s inspiration bomb exploded my restrictions into possibilities again. Thankyou BHB, thankyou Lisa for being so authentically you, it was a gift of inspiration and solace, at just the right time. Lucky me xxxx Carm

    • Lisa Mitchell

      Oh so glad this helped at the right moment! Go universe! Xx

  • Áine Tyrrell

    Being naive I know not of Lisa Mitchell, but can’t wait now to hear her music.. what a treat it will be! What a beautiful wise young soul! I love the comment of being in touch with your Innocent self… the playful part! Living ones purpose is always electric … I call it soulshine… when people are living their dream their soul is shining and this attracts people to you! Love it.. thank you BHB! xo

    • Lisa Mitchell

      Soulshine! Love it! Xx

      • Áine Tyrrell

        Well I just spent the last 15 minutes stalking you on youtube!!! Love your voice, songs, and your soulshine… (and I was mistaken… I have seen you… we shared Clare’s stage but different times at the Corner Hotel!) keep shining sistah xo

  • Lisa Mitchell

    Thanks for all the beautiful beautiful comments! And guess what? New website !!! http://www.thelisamitchell.com : ) xx

    • Lisa Mitchell

      Oooooopths!!! I meant: http://www.thelisamitchell.com.au ! X

      • Benitta

        cool.. just subscribed to your updates 🙂 thanks for sharing your story .. i am going to get a copy of The Artist Way – my friend was only talk about that book last week too!! x

  • Marlise

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. I love the visual element with Lisa’s soft words. I am trying to turn my hobby into a career and BHB and this video are definitely nudging me in the right direction. Keep it coming!!!!!

    x Marlise

  • Benitta

    Perfect timing for this video… have been self-doubting things of late but his video has reinforced finding the things you love and when you are living your purpose you will get all that you need to keep going… and that you don’t have to know how to do everything.
    So thank you for this x B

  • Stephanie Donnelly

    Thank you for a beautiful Bomb! Mesmerising to watch and some wonderful, yet simple words of wisdom. I think there is a lot to be said for listening to our inner child – I know I’d get a lot more making done if I did. It’s official, I definitely need a cleaner.

  • Jacqui Herbert

    Thank you Lisa (and BHB team!). So many pearls to take from this one – but especially for me, ‘that your path doesn’t look like anyone else’s” really rang true! Being brave enough to carve your own path without subscribing too much to the way ‘an artist’ is supposed to act – so important, especially if you want to be authentic. Oh and the flowers – Lilly of the Vally AND lilac! Makes me want to get married again.

  • Linda Bogotto

    Wow what wonderful insight into the thoughts of Lisa. I met Lisa at ADOTG in Rutherglen this year and had a quick chat with her about how amazing life is, in that I was at ADOTG watching Missy Higgins in 2006 and Lisa was standing in the crowd behind me with girlfriends. Fast forward 7 years and Lisa is on that same stage. Lisa you have wisdom beyond your years. Such a beautiful beautiful soul. I love that you are creating your own path. Linda (Albury) xo

  • Renee

    “How perfectly weird i am and how perfectly weird everyone else is”….”you’re the only one that knows where your vein of gold is” These two ideas really stood out for me in this bomb, brilliant as always, and i could almost smell the sweat peas through the screen xx

  • Jess Moffat

    What a treat on a Friday night after the babe is in bed to listen to the lovely Lisa speak about life! I took lots of little golden nuggets away with me. I especially loved the “vein of gold in the rock” analogy – how true it is! Everyone has their own path and it’s so important to follow your intuition. Listen to advice from others but always stay true to you. And wow, that flower crown is stunning! It always amazes me watching Mel – she has magic hands and such an eye for colour and texture. Thanks Lisa, Clare, Mel and BHB!

  • Nikki Fisher

    Loved this. Two very talented people who I have the good fortune of meeting Lisa around a campfire where she sang and being almost twice her age and out of touch with music had no idea that Lisa who was working on my friends farm was Lisa Mitchell! So I naively complimented her on her beautiful voice to which she humbly replied thank you. Hi Lisa! Great words, I am a fan of The Artists Way too. And the divine Ms Mel aka Cecelia Fox who I had the pleasure of sharing two houses with, I always remember the incredible flowers around the house so thrilled for you the way you have bloomed 🙂 couldn’t resist. The headpiece you created = exquisite. Nice work ladies xx

  • Jodi Wiley

    I love ‘your path doesn’t look like anyone else’s.’ It’s so true, but sometimes easy to forget. Loving these Bombs 🙂

    • Clarelizabeth Art

      I know, I guess truth and remembering go hand in hand. And that golden vein is a nice image to roll with…

  • Katherine Ingram

    I loved this video especially about the advice about what to do if you have lost your “vein of gold” and to do things you love doing. A couple of minutes after watching this video twice while downstairs washing up some mugs I suddenly had a thought ” I always want someone else’s life, never my own. What’s wrong with mine, my life is beautiful” and now, I’m wondering whether it was from watching this over twice, combined with other recent stuff. Thanks Lisa

  • Tess Lloyd

    Isn’t she the sweetest! What talent and love x

  • Detta Tea

    As an artist I have always felt that I wasnt living an ‘arty’ enough life to be a real artist. (Wow I just said art a lot!) I mean nappies, and sausage dinners, and 5 minutes of creative thought here and there is just not arty. I am learning though that I just need to be real and quietly me. Keep it simple, enjoy it and the rest will follow. Thank you Lisa. BHB you are awesomeness as per usual 🙂 big love xxx

  • Matt

    lovely. thanks Lisa!

  • Lisa Behan

    I was just thinking the other day how no one is called Lisa anymore, nice to be proved wrong. I have three daughters and I love to share these inspiration bombs with them so that they know what’s possible, so it’s great to listen to a young creative like Lisa. Big Hearted Business is such a thoughtful concept.
    Much gratitude,

  • Lisa Tedeschi

    After retuning home tonight glass of wine in hand well deserved after smashing out a few songs in tonight Christmas in the City concert! I glance over my newsfeed and decide to click on your link! Get booted from Facebook and battling a 5%battery life I decide to comment! (We have all been there)
    I too am a Lisa and know what it feels Like to be on a journey in search of what the next step is. I am very successful in my career. Working for myself have 3 businesses under my belt! Named Australian Small business champion fashion store of the year 2010 for Sebachi clothing and a wall of awards I still felt something was missing! The little voice inside as at age 10 years old! What did we all dream of!
    I recorded my first original song this week in a little studio!
    An inspiring story Lisa thank you for sharing with us!

  • Jennifer Woods

    A beautiful message for all creatives from a deep and wise soul. I’m sending this to all the young women I know to inspire them to believe in their inner voice and creativity. Thank you Lisa for sharing, BHB and Cecilia Fox. Jenni

  • GeorgiAussie

    Love it. I am in a state of transition after coming back from a 6 week tour of Europe and living in London for a year. Searching for what will be my next step and being able to go on walks with my grand mother are enough for me at the moment. Thanks for being honest and relaxed and just you Lisa.

  • Kelly Morgan

    What would your 10-year-old self want to do right now? What a question – you really can’t lie to yourself when you answer it. Lisa has such an honest confidence and comfort in herself and path, really inspiring to see in someone so young and talented. Thanks for sharing this ladies. Now I need to figure out how to follow the path of my 10-year-old self, I went off course a little.

  • Suzanne

    Lovely to hear a young woman with some beautiful insight accompanied by that flower magic

  • Melissa Risely

    A great reminder to embrace being perfectly weird!

  • Kiri Bear

    What I like best is the moment after she says that staying true to your own path doesn’t look like anyone else’s. “It’s just so hard to accept that!”

  • samantha pereira

    It took me a long time to learn the same lesson: your path doesn’t look like anyone else’s, and when I did I felt so much more free, and more me. I also like that you’re gardening because that’s what moves you right now Lisa. We don’t have to be just one thing. You’re not just a singer. I’m not just a mother. You’re also a gardener and I’m also a handbag maker… who would like to garden one day. Those flowers were just amazing… I can imagine the sore hands after making such a creation! Thankyou ladies, it was lovely.

  • Shae Reid

    I love that I have my own little Vein of Gold… and although it’s hard to follow it sometimes, it just makes me want to mine further for the big gold nuggets that are truth and light on my path!!! Always trusting my intuition and knowing I am here to Inspire others and to show them how important it is to find their Inner Child through making Art is a true blessing on this life’s journey! Thankyou Lisa for always inspiring me as I listen to your beautiful songs as I create and thankyou BHB! Shae xo

  • Sheryl

    Such wise, grounding, REAL advise from such a young “talented” artist, its so lovely and motivating to be reassured in such an down-to-earth way…thanks Lisa! Very touching…and funnily enough I’m half-way through my journey of “the Artist Way” book myself. x x

  • Karin O’Grady

    So beautiful listening to Lisa speak now with age, maturity and life lessons bringing her forward from the young, fragile Lisa we saw on Idol many moons ago. Thank you for this inspiration bomb. Karin

  • Clarelizabeth Art

    That was really honest and generous and I love when people remind us about the Artist’s way, I started reading but will finish it now!

  • Carly Burgess

    I got so much from this. Love Lisa. She’s fantastic. I am actually taking myself on an artists date tomorrow, and her talk of providence. I feel like this inspiration bomb was that for me. Thanks!

  • Antoinette Terrey

    Awwwwww! I so love, love the flower crown! How beautiful to have that image to Lisa’s story! Blossoming into creative love’s of life! I really feel the same as what lisa is describing! It’s vital to your being to nurture your inner child everyday because when you see life through a child’s perspective, it’s so wonderus, innocent, pure & full of love. I that’s where I want to be, everyday!

  • Ruth O’Brien

    Hey Clare, thanks for sharing another great inspiration bomb! I think the reason I love these videos so much is because it reminds me of the great community of artists we have in Australia and how alike we all think. Having your own thoughts spoken out loud by someone else in the same field is beautifully reassuring! Also, Lisa mentioned The Artist’s Way which is an amazing book and has been an important tool for me in following my own creative path – definitely worth a read! Much love to you Clare, thanks again for doing this! xxx

  • Jason Bawden-Smith

    The powerful innocence of the divine feminie shines thru Lisa’s wise words. This wonderful insight into her story provides another glowing example of the unconditional love and joy one achieves by living their soul path. Shine on Lisa and Team BHB your totally awesome!

  • Julia

    Sitting here procrastinating like a crazy person and that was just the little bit of fresh air I needed. I heard Lisa speak last week at The Brainery Store in Kyneton and this inspiration bomb has just added to the really beautiful and clear offerings I have taken away. I love that she can put little snippets of gold out there in such a way that we can all understand and apply to our own lives/businesses. Thanks Lisa and BHB – brilliant recruit x

    • Julia

      AND Cecilia Fox you crazy talent!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Long

    I had so many “yes!I get it!” moments while listening to Lisa. I have had a huge realisation of my own in the last week and totally relate to how we are all on our own path and all unique and how that is hard to accept. I took a step back this week to remind myself of the simple things and how much joy there is in giving to people even just through a hobby. I have felt calmer and happier this week than I have in a long time. This inspiration bomb really spoke to me and made so much sense after the week I have had. It made me feel really happy and helped to confirm that I am on the right track. And I’m all about the pretty things. LOVE Celia’s creation. Thank-you!

  • Tania Reid

    Ok, so I confess to being a tiny bit skeptical that a 43 year old ‘grown-up’ like me could get much from a much much much younger person, but I will carry the vein of gold with me, forever!

  • Oh My Musical Goodness

    Wow – I just stumbled upon this as I was stumbling around my new twitter account trying to work out what # means! So I clicked on a # and here I am! This inspiration bomb came at a great time as I find myself trying to recreate my own music therapy business at the same time as being stay at home mum and pregnant 🙂 I’m going through a stage where I seem to be channeling a million new and creative ideas but have no idea how or where to start with them all. Thanks for the reminder Lisa to just trust!!

  • Fifi Trixibelle

    Oh my. That moment when you realised you’d let your website go… but…it’s always a good opportunity to re-imagine the new one…good to see you’re doing that Lisa 🙂

  • Donna Fearne

    what an infectious laugh……nothing wrong with gardening…..nothing more creative than playing with the earth xo

  • Nicole Brophy

    Such down to earth & honest words about creativity and life.. combined with visual gorgeousness! I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself as a creative musician/human and coincidentally I worked at a permaculture farm too..at the time creating songs was difficult but being creative in the garden was like therapy and a relief 🙂 The reminder to ‘ask what the child inside would like to do in this moment in this day’ is so simple..I plan on asking it to myself more often..also that we all have our own vein of gold to honour & nurture. Now is the time! Thank you

  • Kate

    I agree with what Lisa says about your path in life not looking like anyone elses, It’s been a tough year for our little family, and only last night we were discussing making some big changes to get back on track. It’s daunting to take a leap of faith, and it’s so easy to get stuck in blindly going through the motions, because that’s the what you think you should be doing. For who? This inspiration bomb really resonated with me in terms of connecting with your inner self and asking “What actually makes me happy?”. That’s what we all should be doing. Thanks Lisa and BHB! ps coincidentally, I just dusted off The Artist’s Way the other day.

  • gwnhtfai 100 % parfait ! Colis ultra-rapide ensuite très soigné ! Servante communication !

  • Jaimi Dawson

    Right at the moment where I’m sitting at my desk having a slight freak out over my creative future, I stumbled upon this clip which has brightened my day. I often face the voice in my head that repeats, “UGH, JAIMI WHY ARE YOU STUDYING ARTY STUFF?!?” and “YOU’RE GOING TO BE A WAITRESS FOREVER.”

    But what this video reminded me is that money will come and go but what will stay (and is most important) is happiness, joy, creativity and moments of beauty xx

    • Defah Dattner

      Hey Jamie – how’s the study going? Have you seen the recent Bomb from Gotye? We’d love to know what you think of that one? xx