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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Jayne Tuttle

We haven’t featured many actor/writer/mother/Australian voice-over artists who live in Paris here on BHB before.
There’s a reason for that.
But I’ve found one, by JOVE have I found one! And she was worth the wait.
May I introduce today’s BHB Creative Hero; the extraordinarily funny, wise and beautiful Ms Jayne Tuttle, of Paris, France.

Ms Jayne Tuttle; Legend.

Whether you’re familiar with Jayne’s work or this is your first time, you cannot listen to this interview without agreeing that she is an UTTERLY compelling subject. Intelligent, brutally honest about herself and her work and hilarious to boot: I mean, POW! Which possibly explains why so many people adore her blog, The Existential Bunny Rabbit , non?

Our congratulations and thanks again to artist Jess Tucker for her extraordinary contribution to the “Inspiration Bomb Creative Cluster” over the past month; check out more of her artwork here 

What did you take away from this interview? Kindly share your thoughts with us (and our many thousands of viewers) underneath the video in the comments section below, and you’ll go in the running for the Random Comments Prize which we send out every time we do an Inspiration Bomb.  Be in it to win it peeps!

See you next week,

CB xoxoxo

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  • Nikki Smith

    Thanks Clare and Jayne, I love number 4. It’s so good to read about it again. Habitualising things is hard for me as I prefer less structure in life…. but I know by 5pm I don’t want to make any decisions….. willpower is gone. So recently I’ve habitualised exercise by meeting a friend 3 days a week at the same time – that way there is no need for thinking, or bargaining or feeling guilty. I just leave the house meet a friend and do it! Let’s see how many things we need to habitualise to sense that extra decision making/creative surge! 🙂

    • Clare Bowditch

      Hey you! (Hey everyone, meet Nikki. She’s awesome). I’ve begun doing the same thing – just walking with friends, in a habitual way, which gets the juices pumping! xo

  • Toni Houston

    The French word she used is: juste.

    • Clare Bowditch

      Juste. Do you speak French? How would you describe this word? x

      • Toni Houston

        Hi Clare! I speak a little French. It’s just as she describes it: fair/truthful/right or just. C’est juste! xox

  • Bron

    Ahhh, I love these Friday inspiration bombs. Just so grounding. Reminds even those of us who are still doing what we need to to get by that what our creative side is also needed and necessary. It’s a gift. Daily habit…discipline and commitment to finding time each day to practice your gift, in whatever form that is.

    • Clare Bowdo

      Thank you! I feel the same way!

  • Guest

  • Kelly Morgan

    Thanks Jayne and Clare so many nuggets in this bomb. Failure as a tool, as a benchmark to know when you’ve really nailed it and to really revel in the greatness of that feeling. I love the idea that you can start your “career” at 70 and that’s ok – so the day job isn’t a career, we just haven’t started our real career yet. Genius!

    • Clare Bowditch

      I LOVE THAT IDEA TOO! That is one of the wonderful things about being a creative-type: assuming you stay open to live, you really do improve with age. The deeper you go, the greater the jewels. Thanks for writing Kelly xo