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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Berry Liberman (Part 2)

Well! Our very first BHB morning tea in Sydney was a runaway success, thanks to our audience, the hard work of our exceptionally good-looking volunteers, and the BHB Team. We discovered, once again, that there are brilliant creative types everywhere, and one of BHB’s roles is simply to bring you all together. You’re your own “Creative Power Clusters”, so you can help each other get wherever you wanna go. Trust me on that.

As I said on the day, I am certainly no “business guru”, I’m just a fellow “sensitive creative type”. I have lived and observed and taught this stuff for a while. I have some opinions and I try to tell it straight. But really, you’re the only expert in your own business. And for the record, I’m learning as much from you as you are from me; you’re telling me what you need and how we can help, which is the basis of all Big Hearted Businesses.

We’ve been working on creative ways to fund BHB’s unexpected growth-spurt – it’s all happening for us pretty quickly and I’ve gotta admit, we are chasing our tails, just a bit!

Two great suggestions from our community are:
1. A BHB Onsite Member Directory.

2. A BHB 2013 Virtual Conference package.We like it! In fact, we love it! We’re gonna get cracking on both these great ideas, and soon.

Our next round of BHB Morning Teas are set to hit Brisbane (sold-out), Melbourne (sold-out) andPerth (tickets available! Bigger room!) shortly, so watch this space for more info.
Last week’s Inspiration Bomb from Berry Liberman has broken new records in terms of General Ripple Effect, with so much sharing and caring and commenting and general loving-ness. Looks like we’re now GLOBAL as well – Hello Europa Europa! Hello Americas!
And guess what? That was only part one. I know. No way. I know.
Here’s masterful truth-teller Berry Liberman, in the final part of her BHB Inspiration Bomb. On Artwork, the exceptionally talented Jessie Tucker. How lucky we are.
We love hearing what you have taken from this Inspiration Bomb, so please, comment in the comments box underneath. And if you’re a randomly chosen prize-winner, guess what you’re gonna win? AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION MY MY FAVOURITE MAGAZINE Dumbo Feather!(They also launched their free Ipad Ap recently: can’t recommend this highly enough!)So give us your thoughts people!
Big Love
CB xo

PS – Random spot of good news: it’s winter – brrr – but it doesn’t get any colder than this! This is as cold as it gets. We’ve just gotta get through the next couple of weeks, and the rest of the year will feel warm!

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  • Sarah Grace Worboys

    As a Melbourne girl musing over how to live a more meaningful life whilst taking a short break in Vietnam, this was the perfect time for that inspiration bomb. Thank you for sharing Berry – I love everything Small Giants stands for and believe that your vision will positively influence generations of change-makers for years to come. I agree with your notion that having a person, or people who bring out the best in you in your world, make more difference than money ever will to your perception of value and appreciation of what really matters. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    All the best,
    Sarah x

  • Rebecca O’Mahoney

    I have recently started reading Dumbo Feather. I have known about it for a while, but didn’t have the head space to take it all in. I’m sure it is all to do with timing and listening to the universe, but when I started reading Issue #34 everything fell into place. I had been lacking seeing positiveness and proactiveness in others, and Dumbo Feather has shown me amazing and inspiring people. Being a graphic designer, I love the printed page, but I am really loving the new app. I’ve got a lot of reading to do! Thank you! Rebecca

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