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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Joost Bakker & David Bromley

“I think we need to realise how incredible our society is”

Joost Bakker and artist David Bromley are two of Australia’s most pioneering and valuable artists and thinkers.

They also happen to be firm friends, which is perhaps why David allowed us such generous and unfettered access to his sprawling country studios in order to made this here sixteen minute “Inspiration Bomb” (thank you).

For those who’ve been living under a bush, Joost is the famous name behind some of Australia’s most ambitious sustainable building projects (Greenhouse by Joost), sustainable restaurants (Silo & Brothl), and art-works (you know those “pot-plant-wall” so popular now in “trendy-architecture”? Thank-you, Joost. FULL credit).

Joost was also the “oomph” behind B.H.B.’s ability to hold what is now considered one of the largest sustainable-eating-events in the world, the B.H.B. (un-)Conference 2015.

By doing what he loves and saying what makes sense to him, he’s caused quite a stir along the way, yet by speaking out and standing by his words, he’s ended up building the a life where people he admires call him out of the blue, and offer to fly him and his family around the world, just to hear what he has to say (sweet deal!).

He’s had major features written about him in everything from The New York Times to (just last weekend, a many-thousand word-spread in) The Australian. He’s the father of three brilliant daughters, and gives significant credit for his inspiration to his wife Jennie, whose “Dutch-common-sense” is the perfect anchor for his “Dutch-mad-inventor” (bingo!).

David Bromley is one of Australia’s most popular and “collectable” painters who’s best-loved for his ability to layer pictures from story-books and childhood and popular culture in with nude people and nature and mix it all up on canvas with colour and contrast in an incredibly clever way that results in… true emotion. David was an Archibald Prize finalist for four consecutive years, and is the kind of fellow you wish had taken you under his wing at 16 and shown you the world through his eyes. Wild, big-hearted, brilliant. We left his place hugely inspired, and wishing we could move in. To find out more about him and his shop “Bromley & Co”, visit here. 

Today’s interview is an edit of two hours of conversation between Joost and myself, accompanied by the filming of a creation of original art-work by David. 

And now we want to hear from you: who is THE MOST INNOVATIVE person you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting? Who, in your dream-life, do you wish had taken YOU under their wing at 16 and shown you the world? 

I very much look forward to replying to your comments, down below. With Love,

C.B. and the B.H.B. Crew. 

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Joost Bakker

Joost is the famous name behind some of Australia’s most ambitious sustainable building projects (Greenhouse by Joost), sustainable restaurants (Silo & Brothl), and art-works (you know those “pot-plant-wall” so popular now in “trendy-architecture”? Thank-you, Joost. FULL credit)

David Bromley

David Bromley is a prominent Australian artist and a four-times Archibald Prize finalist. He came to Australia when his family migrated in 1964. He began his career in Adelaide as a potter, but eventually turned to painting. He also has retail stores (Bromley & Co) in both Windsor and Daylesford, Melbourne.

  • What a great inspiration bomb! I’m huge fan of Joost, in fact I just made a soup with my first 24 hour bone broth (made in my slow cooker – so easy) inspired by Brothl… I only managed to get there a few times and was devastated when it closed… I also went to the open day hosted by Joost for the house in Kinglake built with recycled and recyclable materials… what a bloody inspiration he is! Would love to listen to the whole two hour convo, he’s such a wealth of knowledge and so generous with it… as are you… love love love! thanks so much for sharing 🙂 x

  • Who do I wish took me under their wing? Ohh so many people really! I would love to brush shoulders with the likes of David Attenborough, Michael Parkinson, Stephanie Alexander…Richard Curtis! All brilliant humans, who I admire for everything they have achieved and the lives they have touched with their work. But by the looks of it, I couldn’t ask for a better mentor than Joost. He has created a life for himself that I hope to live one day, everything he believes in, does, says and creates resonates with me and my companies ethos 100%! Thank you BHB for this insight into the mind of someone who reminds me that I’m not the only one out there that cares <3