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Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Inspiration Bomb – Danielle La Porte

If you don’t like thought-fully spoken F-bombs, then today’s Inspiration Bomb from “Internet Rock-star” Danielle La Porte may not be for you…

Danielle La Porte is a best-selling Canadian author, entrepreneur, global-sensation, and was as our first ever International Speaking Guest at the BHB (un-)Conference. We still cannot quite believe that we were the ones who got to host her for her first ever Australian work-shops. If you know who she is, you’ll understand how HUGE this was for us, and if you don’t know her, please consider today your introduction.

The artwork in this Bomb was created by a new friend of mine, someone once described as “a one woman creative tsunami”. Her name is Rachael Rice, she’s from Portland, and boy, is she something!

(Note: I filmed this Bomb myself in Amed, Bali, so please excuse the slight wobble every now and then!).

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  • Anna pontikis

    My favourite Word ever is BLISS

  • Rebecca Spalding

    My all time favorite word is INTENTION

  • Katy Wall


  • Lindsey Ritchie


  • Claire Smith

    Favourite word = Haberdashery.

  • Ayleen OH

    Favourite word? LUMINESCENT!

  • Krystal Cox


  • Ebony Courtney

    My favourite word is ‘resinate’ and I love that Danielle used it many times during her inspiration bomb. Danielle has the best laugh! I’d love to hear her speak at the BHB (un-)Conference.

  • Gen Byrt

    My favourite word is DUENDE: In spanish I think it literally translates to Elf (haha), however it is also one of those words that we don’t have in English to describe ‘the feeling of profound awe experienced when viewing a piece of art, watching a performance or listening to music that has deeply moved a person’.

  • Alina Leang

    Love, Love, Love! F-LOVE!

  • Lara Stephenson

    My favourite word is Glissando!

  • Ephemeral ❤️

  • Kastin Maria

    My favourite word is GLITTERATI which is actually pretty perfect for the artwork in this inspiration bomb..

  • Amy Quigley


  • Clare Greig

    My fave word is “PLUSH”

  • Lisa Bow

    My fave word is AWESOME, something which inspires awe is always creativity!

  • Michelle Saleeba

    It has to be GOLD – the words, Rachael’s and Danielle’s and the fingers!

  • Wow. I loved this. My favourite inspiration bomb so far! My word right now is clarity. x

  • Ash

    LOVELY! My fave word is Lovely 🙂

  • Jess McAvoy

    Rhythm. You know you’re in flow when you feel like everything is in it’s rhythm.

  • Belinda Langler

    Loved this! My favourite word right now is CREATIVITY…

  • Lee

    Favourite word: NONBELIEVER. Its about being and trusting yourself, humanity, science and the universe. Being responsible for your actions and the consequences. Didn’t enjoy today’s bomb speaker and was unable to listen through to the end. Couldn’t take her seriously.

  • Kristine Lubinski

    My favourite word is bubba x

  • Roberta Styles-Wood

    Counternance – an old word not used much more but was a great way of expressing some’s look or subtle approval.

  • Renee

    My fave word is “joy” a simple three letter word that always brings a smile to my face

  • Bianca

    My favourite word is ‘Dreams’. It’s what makes us tick.

  • leslie keating

    A word I keep repeating to myself is: stretch. Stretch limits, expectations, boundaries, perceptions, rules. Pushing yourself beyond what feels comfortable, in order to grow.

  • Janine Hodgson


  • Karolina Partyka

    U N C O N T A I N A B L E . . . all the best feelings and experiences are. x

  • Amanda

    ~ Kindred ~

  • I love words. Seriously LOVE them. I play word games every day. So asking me to choose a favourite is difficult. They’re all so… beautiful. Except moist. That’s an ugly, ugly word. But my favourite word at the moment is delight. It’s light and full of sunshine and light. It shines. It’s beautiful. It carries joy and love. It is hopeful and positive. It’s DELIGHTFUL

  • Kerry Shaw Theplaycompany

    When I was in high school my fave word was epididymis (look it up, it’s a bit rude or scientific whichever way you wanna look at it)… cos it was fun to say hehehe!
    Fave word ever: LOVE 🙂 x

  • Confidence. With confidence you can do anything! When I photograph people I remind them to have the confidence to be themselves and their beauty will shine through!

  • Jodi Wiley


  • Donna Fearne


  • Chantellee

    My current favourite word is illuminate☆

  • Vish Ramakonar

    My favourite word right now is ‘unlimited’. I love to think that we are unlimited beings capable of anything.

  • Amy Auge

    Serenity. Something I’m always striving for and never quite attaining. But still striving nonetheless!

  • Jody Galvanator

    Wow-ka-pow! Nothing is unreachable……

  • Anna Dunbar

    Contentment – in my inner dictionary it is associated with a deep sense of satisfaction and something like a cat having a big stretch. it happens when life matches desire

  • My fave word at the moment is FLOW. My favourite word to say is onomatopeia ( is a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the source of the sound that it describes) I love the rhythm when you say it!!

  • fionaclaire

    Resonance – the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. Feeling this frequency throughout the day lets me know if I am going with my truth or against it – a barometer to keep me aligned to my path. Going with resonance means you have more energy behind your actions to propel you through the day – like flying – and it’s nice to say too!

  • Janelle Batstone


  • Karina Jean Sharpe


  • pomplamoose

  • Kerry Weymouth


  • Annica

    Boundless! I want to marry Danielle LaPorte, her unrelenting enthusiasm is sooo refreshing!

  • Carla

    Bless… definitely

  • Tookie Gill

    Passion: Oh…I love passion!

  • Lucie Kennedy


  • My favourite word is passion. When you do things with heart, its infectious!

  • Passion always Passion! x

  • Julianne May

    Im enjoying the word Curate

  • Yes.

  • Ellie Studd


  • Vanessa X Muradian

    I liked when Danielle said “unabashedly” – HOWEVER, my favourite word this week is lioness.

  • Anna Bartlett


  • Maxime Banks

    My favorite is Portuguese word Saudade, meaning melancholy nostalgia, presence & absence together at same time, an inexplicable yearning. I’m wonderfully obsessed with words! i love Danielle’s laugh! #BHBC2014win

  • Evelyn Stavrinidis

    Here it is, my newly discovered favourite: METANOIA- meaning a transformative change of heart; especially : a spiritual conversion

    • Maxime Banks

      Bonjour Evelyn,
      Thank you for sharing your newly discovered word Metanoia. I now love it too! I didn’t know this word. It’s an interesting, lovely word with a meaning that resonates within my journey. It also sounds great and looks wonderful visually.
      Keep illuminating!

  • Amy Little

    Favourite word ever, thats a tough one ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ perhaps! But the word that resonated most from that Inspiration Bomb would be Radiance! I took a page of notes from this, thank you. #BHBC2014win

  • Beaudddy. That’s beauty in Australian 😉

  • Sarah Cooper

    “Vivacious” is my favourite word ever – as it means “lively and spirited” which to me is about resonating your truth and attracting those that love your energy!! In love, in business and in life!! #BHBC2014win

  • fiona

    ‘serendipity’ and ‘shmuck’

  • Lara James

    “Smashing” I’ve loved the word since I was a little girl;) #BHBC2014win

  • Laura

    Worthy – everyone is worthy of being something truly amazing!

  • Bel Stanley

    “Integrity” – when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony 🙂

  • Emma-Kate Rose

    “Compassion” – besides Love, this is the word that resonates with me – showing myself compassion, then spreading that good stuff out to my family and the world. Everywhere I look I see opportunities for more compassion in the world, and I’m going to make it my word for the year! #BHB2014win

  • Naomi Fenton

    Courage. (As in feeling the fear and doing it anyway.)

  • Janne Veronika Scott


  • Ash Lee

    JUMP! Jump in, jump out, jump up and fly like a bird…

  • Jessica

    For a word in itself ‘luminescent’ is satisfying to say, sounds beautiful and what it describes is beautiful… For what a word means I’d choose ‘courage’- just saying it makes you feel braver and many meaningful things have come about by having it : )

  • Tracy Verdugo

    Aliveness! My word for the year, but I like the Costa Rican version better; Pura Vida!

  • Katrina


  • Emily

    “Let’s!” I love being with people who say “Yes, Let’s!”

  • Candice Laine


  • Kate

    forgive – gifts are for giving . time to share mine.

  • Hello! It starts so many great things. New friendships, opportunities, adventures. It can be easy or difficult to say, but it usually comes with a smile in both directions.

  • Detail Collective


  • Colleen Filippa

    Surreptitiously – can’t spell it without spellcheck but!

  • Tiffanie Gabourie Davis

    Radiance! <3

  • Jess

    Surreal – an excellent word!

  • Francesca Pandolfino


  • Abundance!

  • Nancy Orlikow


  • Tjulyata


  • Desha Peacock

    Love both how you combined Danielle’s spoken word with Rachael’s art- I love both of these gals. brilliant.

  • Rachael Slattery

    Awesome.. I couldnt sleep. My whole life of creativity has just hit a bump. I have had trouble promoting myself or believing in my work. I got up out of bed and watched this. NOW I finally feel energised. I’m ready to STOP what I dont need in my life and START with what I do need to do! Thank you sooooo much!

  • Deb Taylor

    This is great! I love Danielle LaPorte’s wise words and Rachel’s art. I also loved seeing it all take place on the porch of one of the villa’s in Amed. I was Truly Blooming there in 2012 – such a beautiful experience!!

  • Julia O’Keeffe


  • Angie


  • Allison Katolik-Oke


  • Fabulous

  • Bridget O’Shea

    Loooooove DLP! What a legend. Great video – thanks Clare and Co. (Even though the comp’s over) my word is courage.

  • Isabella


  • Erica Davis


  • Julia Tingulstad


  • Stephanie Isla