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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?

Clare Bowditch

Clare is an ARIA Award-winning songwriter, a Logie-nominated actor (“Offspring”) and the founder of Big Hearted Business.  She’s had Top Ten albums, been named Rolling Stone Woman of the Year (Contribution to Culture), YEN Young Woman of the Year (Music), toured the world with Gotye and nationally with Leonard Cohen, written for Harpers Bazaar and the Drum, and currently hosts an Australian Music Show on Qantas. Clare is currently an Ambassador or contributor to APRA, the Australia Council, The Live Music Round Table, PPCA, and Smiling Mind. As a mother of three who married her manager (Marty Brown), Clare believes “work-life balance” is an elusive beast usually seen only out of the corner of one’s eye.

About the B.H.B. Retreat Clare says:

“Listen, I’m not sure it gets much better than this;  six days in paradise indulging in creative pursuits with people who want to learn about creativity and some of my very best friends as co-leaders? CANNOT WAIT!” 

Pip Lincolne

Is the an enormously successful author of five books, mother of three children, and editor of Meet Me at Mike’s (2006). In her spare time (?!?) she is also the editor of JustB, and Kidspot Voicesteacher of Blog With Pipcraft contributor for Frankie magazine (since 2009), founder of A Year Of Ethical Fashion and Softies For Mirabel (now in its 8th year), leader of Brown Owls : founded in 2007 and creator of The Good Stuff Guide

About the B.H.B. Retreat Pip says:

“I’m so excited about this Retreat because I feel like it’s a chance to hand-make your favourite life! You have everything you need! Start today!”

Jessie Neave

Jessie Neave is the B.H.B. Wellbeing Guru of 2015, mainly because she gets it. She gets that we’re all just trying our best. She gets that we all have lots to learn. She gets that life isn’t always easy, and regardless, she holds a space for those of us who are curious about happiness. It was her own yoga retreat at Villa Gaia in 2013 that inspired Clare to launch the first ever B.H.B. Creative Retreat.

On her website (Anandoham Yoga), Jessie’s bio tells the story of how she first discovered the deeply healing power of meditation when she broke both of her arms as a teenager. Resolving to quieten the frustrated mind and use energy work to aid rapid repair she entered a life long love and understanding of the subtler layers of human existence. Having spent her whole life competing in extreme sports and training intensively in acrobatics, studying Hatha Yoga seemed the next logical step.

You can learn more about her via her website here, or via the Inspiration Bomb B.H.B. made about her here.

About the B.H.B. Creative Retreat, Jessie says:

“When I sit between those two Creative Goddesses Clare & Pip, for even five minutes, I feel like my inner artist is unleashed – everything sparkles with possibility. A whole week in paradise with them….where do I sign up?!  I feel like we are beginning something not only life changing here, but also world changing: giving yourself this gift is giving your gift to the whole world.”

Rowe Timson

Rowe Timson is an incredible photographer who, in B.H.B.’s opinion,  pretty much rules, especially on Instagram.

Originally from Sydney, now living in Bali, we are utterly thrilled to have Rowe joining us to teach our “How to take incredible photos using only your Smart-phone!” session.

You can learn much more about her via her website here.

About the B.H.B. Creative Retreat, Rowe says:

“Wow! I’m super excited to be part of it!”

(Photo by Carly Mitchell)