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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?


The B.H.B. Creative Retreat is designed to be one of the most enjoyable, nourishing and thoroughly enlightening adventures of your life.

We’ve scheduled our six days together so that mornings are jam-packed with activity and ideas, while our afternoons and nights are your time to work at a slower pace, or just relax and lap-up the peace and quiet of your week in paradise.

It’s important to know that all activities are absolutely optional.

Our schedule runs on a similar time-frame every day, and will go a little like this:

Arrive: Anytime between 12pm and no later than 5pm on Tuesday, 17th March, 2015. Meals and massages and coconuts as needed. 
Retreat: Wednesday, 18th March until 10am on Monday, 23rd March 2015.

6.30  7.45am: Big Hearted Yoga
Our incredible yoga room is right out in the open overlooking a glorious pool, a rice-paddy, and glorious sun-rises and sun-sets. Jessie will make it a personal mission to ensure that every single person in the room feels taken care of, and comfortable to go at their own pace, regardless of their level of experience or otherwise.

8 – 9am: Breakfast (from Heaven!).
The food at our Villa is really is exceptional. At breakfast we’ll be spoiled with fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs any way or omelettes, green juices, coffee, tea, optional fresh coconuts and occasionally this sweet mung-bean soup that tastes so much better than it sounds…

9.15 – 10.30am: Morning Bubble
Morning meditation, writing, reflection and discussion on the day’s theme.

10.30 – 1pm: Main Lesson
Please refer to “Some of the Activities and lessons included” below.

1 – 2pm: Lunch
An amazing smorgasbord of amazing tasty goodness,  made with love.

2 – 5pm: “Deeper Water” Time

The afternoon is your time to utterly indulge in whatever it is you came to Bali to experience.

Suggested activities include:

  • crafter-noons with Pip.
  • massage, swimming, snacking.
  • sipping on coconuts by the pool (we’re not actually kidding. Yum).
  • exploring Ubud.
  • snoozing or hiding out in your room.
  • continuing with your creative projects.
  • chatting with your new buddies.
  • asking questions, or not.
  • anything else that takes your fancy.

5pm: Show and Tell
This is our time to once again reflect and consolidate what we’ve learnt, or ask any questions that have come up for us in the afternoon.

6pm: Dinner
An utterly scrumptious vegetarian (with meat options) meal, shared in the company of your new crew.

7.30pm: Optional Evening Activity
Your nights are, of course, yours to enjoy, although we will be hosting a number of optional Big Hearted events including;

  • The B.H.B. Dance-off – quite unlike anything you’ve ever been too before – feel free to B.Y.O. lycra!
  • Viewings of favourite movies from our creative heroes.
  • Crafter-nights
  • Pool-side story-telling
  • “Music Jam” with C.B.

9pm: Sleepy-time yoga and meditation
Jessie will put us in the mood for relaxing.

* * *

Some of the Activities and lessons included:

  • Singing, simple songwriting and music-making with CB
  • Daily meditation and really exceptional (at-your-own-pace) yoga with Jessie
  • Quick pocket-sized projects with Pip including paper-collage, writing for beauty, embroidery, amongst others!
  • How to take INCREDIBLE photos using just your smart-phone (with Rowe Timson)
  • Right-brain drawing and writing exercises
  • Intuitive writing
  • Crafter-noons which may include embroidery, collage, a “Ye Old Style writing workshop (beauty, incarnate)”, and various exciting things involving felt!
  • A Traditional Balinese Water Ceremony
  • Big Hearted Dance-off
  • Creative Business Master-class with Clare and Pip Lincolne
  • Social Media Master-class with Clare and Pip Lincolne
  • Meditation for busy people who do too much
  • The Power of Amateur Hour A Rama!
  • So so so much more!


  • Creative Confidence; overcoming excuses and barriers and fears and stories that destroy creativity
  • Recovering a sense of play
  • How to trust yourself creatively
  • How to use creative thinking in your work-life
  • The practical application of Creative-thinking when raising a family
  • The Power of Amateur Hour
  • Defining left-brain/right-brain thinking
  • How to overcome “Imposter Syndrome”
  • How to open your heart and do the work
  • Competition/comparison and other “Methods of Resistance”
  • The importance of self-kindness
  • The power of collaboration, incarnate
  • Exploring the knowledge of those before us who know about this stuff: Mary Oliver, Steven Pressfield, Julia Cameron, Brené Brown, Ken Robinson and so many others

A little more detail about Jessie’s Yoga:

Imagine being able to take the time, every day, to truly nourish yourself…

Our daily classes will be designed to awaken consciousness in movement, breath and stillness as we explore an eclectic blend of Yoga and the deeply healing power of meditation.

When we begin to practice yoga the emphasis is on the outer physical elements – our muscles, bones and joints. As we begin to understand these we can start to work with the breath and move deeper into the internal effects – our digestive, nervous and endocrine systems. With  time we start to notice the energetic and emotional bodies reacting and transforming and then our yoga practice has become something new all together – we have awakened consciousness within movement, within breath, within stillness and consciousness within our selves. As my own yoga practice advances, I notice my movements becoming slower, stronger and more refined. During this amazing week we will be able to dive into a deeply internal practice – one that encourages self enquiry whilst remaining joyful and open hearted. 

Jessie Neave.