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Want free master classes from big-hearted heroes?

Want free master-classes from big-hearted heroes?


Join Clare Bowditch, author/blogger/crafter Pip Lincolne, artist/bendy-lady Jessie Neave (with photographer/blogger Rowe Timson) on an extraordinary one-off week of creative renewal and adventure.

According to palliative care nurses*,  the greatest regrets of end-of-life patients can be paraphrased as follows: I wish I had lived with more courage to be myself, I wish I’d worked less, I wish I’d spoken my true feelings, I wish I’d stayed in touch with my friends, and I wish I’d let myself be happier.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re still in with a chance.

My name is Clare Bowditch, I’m a musician, a mumma… occasionally an actor,  but for today’s purposes, I’m the proud founder of Big Hearted Business, and I’m here to invite twenty-two of you to join me and three of my closest friends for our third ever B.H.B. Creative Retreat, to be held in the cultural heart-land of Bali – Ubud.

The aim of this Retreat is to help you get in touch or re-connect with the part of you that is most alive and playful –  your “Creative Side”- and afford you one of the most enjoyable weeks of your life in the company of both experts and amateurs.

Spaces for this retreat are extremely limited, every one to date has well and truly sold out, entry is by application only, and time is of the absolute essence, so if you’re up for the adventure, let’s get into it! Apply by clicking on that flashing light-globe on the right!

To learn more about your crew, or to hear testimonials from those who attended, please check our the “Your 2015 Crew” and Testimonials page.

Our hope is that you will walk away from our six days together with a new sense of the possibilities of your life, and a feeling of joy and renewal in your whole body. Most of all, we’re looking to have a whole lot of fun with a group of really great people.

(Worth mentioning: because this is a Big Hearted Retreat, we’re not just here to have a good time, we’re also here to contribute something. 10% of the profits of every one of our Retreats is donated to a local Balinese Charity who we believe will use the money to make an incredible difference to the lives of Balinese Children).


Just between you and me, I never considered myself the kind of person who would be running a Creative Retreat in Bali. As a teenager, I used to work at a Surf-shop you see (lots of Bintang singlets and Kuta-lines jumpers), and I really had no idea about Bali’s rich cultural traditions until much later when I studied ethnomusicology in Canada with a Professor who specialised in Indonesian Gamelan. He ribbed me about the fact that I’d never visited. The opportunity to do so arrived last year when I was invited to speak at the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival on exactly the same week my friend Jessie Neave ran her first ever “Family Yoga Retreat” . My family and I had such a relaxing, enriching time, especially when you consider I’m not the sort of person who will be winning any “Best At Yoga” awards anytime soon.  Anyhow, the idea of the BHB Creative Retreat was born, and honestly, I am so excited about going back I can hardly stand it!

Some of the Activities and lessons included;

  • Singing, songwriting and music-making with CB
  • Daily meditation and really exceptional (at-your-own-pace) yoga with Jessie (every single morning!)
  • Quick pocket-sized projects and daily Crafter-noons with Pip Lincolne
  • How to take INCREDIBLE photos using just your smart-phone (with Rowe Timson)
  • Right-brain drawing and writing exercises
  • Intuitive writing
  • A Traditional Balinese Water Ceremony
  • Creative Business Master-class with Clare and Pip Lincolne
  • Social Media Master-class with Clare and Pip Lincolne
  • Meditation for busy people who do too much
  • The Power of Amateur Hour A Rama!
  • The ability to ask us any question that’s on your mind
  • Big Hearted Dance-off (bring your costumes, glitter and feathers!)
  • So so so much more!

What you can expect to learn: 

  • Creative Confidence; overcoming excuses and barriers and fears and stories that destroy creativity
  • Recovering a sense of play
  • How to trust yourself creatively
  • How to actively choose happiness as your new “normal”
  • How to use creative thinking in your work-life, your family life, our real life
  • The practical application of Creative-thinking in real life circumstances
  • Understanding your place on the Heroes Journey
  • Defining left-brain/right-brain thinking
  • How to overcome “Imposter Syndrome”
  • How to open your heart and do the work
  • Coming to terms with competition/comparison and other “Methods of Resistance”
  • The importance of self-kindness
  • The power of collaboration, incarnate
  • Ways of thinking that make you feel most alive
  • Exploring the knowledge of those before us who know about this stuff: Mary Oliver, Steven Pressfield, Seth Godin, Eleanor and Teddy Roosevelt,  Julia Cameron, Joseph Campbell, Brené Brown, Ken Robinson and so many others.

The B.H.B. Creative retreat is for you if:

  • You’re ready to spend a really intimate week in near paradise with Clare, Pip, Jessie and their friends exploring your creative side, playing with new ideas, eating exceptional food in exceptional surroundings and re-connecting with your sense of fun, purpose and potentially even “meaning”
  • You’re a big hearted person who wants to live an amazing life and is ready for a little adventure with new friends
  • You’re curious about whether you’re actually creative or not
  • You suspect you’re creative, but rarely have the time to explore that side of yourself
  • You’re actively living a creative life but you’d like to connect with your creativity and creative-muse in a deep and perhaps new way
  • You’re feeling creatively stuck/blocked/stale and you’re ready to try some new stuff
  • You want to write stories, make music, draw, explore, do yoga every day  (at a pace of your choosing), learn how to use your smart-phone to take incredible pictures, make every afternoon a crafter-noon, watch the sun rise and go down over rice paddies with new friends
  • You’re ready to relax, unwind, have some fun and try new things
  • You’re either a beginner who wants a place to start, or an experienced “creative” who wants the opportunity to go deeper
  • You’re willing to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to explore your creativity in a caring group of people who are doing the same.

It’s not for you if:

  • You’re looking to buy a Bintang singlet and shout “Aussie Aussie Aussie” etc. It’s not that kind of a “Holiday in Bali”
  • You don’t like travelling, pool-side adventures, laughter, coconuts, massages, making new friends, trying on new ideas, having fun, or travel
  • You’re not willing to put your protective cynicism aside and try new stuff – to open your heart and give it a crack
  • You “know” you’re not creative, and have no desire to think otherwise

As we will be living in close-quarters, we want to make sure we have a really well-balanced group and, therefore, entry is by application only.

Remember, all activities are optional. If you’d prefer to come and hang-out by the pool and drink coconuts and get massages, that’s cool too.

We hope to see you there!

C.B., Pip, Jessie, Rowe and all the B.H.B. Crew xo

*That article mentioned can be found here.